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Can Your Hardwood Floors Be Saved From Water Damage

5/18/2020 (Permalink)

Plastic and dehumidifiers covering hardwood floors in a home We use a special system to save and dry your wet hardwoods!

It’s no secret that water and wood aren’t a good mix. Because wood is a porous material, it acts almost like a sponge and absorbs moisture. This is especially problematic when you have standing water—there’s more moisture than the wood can hold.

Each month, we get multiple calls from panicked homeowners whose home has suffered some form of water damage. For the customers with affected hardwood flooring, they often ask the same, pressing question: can their floors be saved?

Saving Hardwood Floors

In short, the answer is maybe; it depends on how damaged the floors are by the time our crews arrive.

If your hardwood floor had mild exposure and only have cupping, it’s possible to save them. We use a special system that removes excess moisture from the wood and should allow the planks to return to their original position.

If your hardwood floor had more extensive exposure and had already warped, these would need to be removed and replaced. In that condition, they would be past the point of saving.

Water Damage Mitigation Experts

In our 11 years of service, we have helped thousands of homeowners recover from water damage. Our professionally trained technicians have worked on a range of incidents—from minor leaks to major flooding. If you have water damage at your property, call us anytime at (828) 874-0966!

Our Textile Cleaning Facility

5/11/2020 (Permalink)

Woman pushing buttons on washing machine in room full of cleaning equipment We have several different types of cleaning machines to clean your damaged textiles!

Imagine for a moment that your home has a fire. Although we can clean up and restore the house, your belongings are just as important. After all, it’s the sentimental value that separates a house from a home. We agree, which is why we invested in cleaning equipment that can save and restore many of your cherished belongings.

Full-Service Cleaning

Our state-of-the-art textile cleaning facility is equipped with powerful machines that clean and deodorize most soft items. We have several washing machines and dryers, so we can clean several volumes of clothing and linens at once. We also have an Esporta, which is capable of cleaning 90% of soft goods, including shoes, stuffed animals, leather, and more.

For items with a lingering odor, we can place them in our ozone chamber to remove the smell!

Keeping Your Belongings Safe

In the past, we would have had to send damaged clothes, linens, and other textiles to a 3rd party cleaning company. But our textile cleaning warehouse—located at our main office—allows us to take care of everything in-house. This means you don’t have to worry about your belongings being in the care of people you don’t know.

All items are digitally inventoried and grouped by customer. This lets us keep track of your possessions so you don’t have to worry about items being lost or mixed up in the process.

Your Local Professionals

We know that house fires, flooding, and other disasters can be extremely stressful to navigate. Our team is available 24/7 to help you and your family get your lives back to normal. If you have a disaster in the Morganton, NC area and need professional cleanup services, call SERVPRO of Burke County today at (828) 874-0966!

What Are Smoke Webs?

4/29/2020 (Permalink)

Black cobweb-like chains on the edge of a greenish ceiling Soot webs like these form during a fire and aren't associated with spiders!

If you’ve ever had a house fire, you might suddenly notice cobwebs along the ceiling that you had previously never seen. These “cobwebs” are actually features that formed because of the fire and have nothing to do with spiders or your cleaning skills.

Smoke Webs

These webs, known as either smoke webs or soot webs, form when ionized soot particles stick together in a chain-like formation. Smoke webs are incredibly sticky and can lead to staining if they are improperly handled. That’s why you should hire a fire damage cleanup and restoration team to remove them.

If you have a house fire and need a professional cleaning, know that SERVPRO of Burke County is available to help. You can call us any time at (828) 874-0966.

How Water Damage Can Be Hazardous

4/20/2020 (Permalink)

Mold covers multiple walls in a small room Water damage can lead to mold growth if it's not immediately addressed!

At first, water damage can seem like nothing more than an inconvenience. Your belongings might be soaked and your carpet may need to be removed, but it’s nothing to be concerned about, right? Unfortunately, that's not always the case.

Water Damage Encourages Mold Growth

Mold spores need moisture to activate and grow, so areas affected by water damage are prime spots for mold growth. It’s why we encourage you to promptly handle any water damage incidents. Mold can be problematic for a couple of reasons:

  1. Mold will generally feed on the surface it’s growing on, which can cause the material to lose its structural integrity.
  1. Mold spores are allergens that can cause certain health effects in certain people.

Because mold can cause health and safety issues, it’s important that it is addressed before it gets out of control. Fortunately, if you do have an active mold infestation, our team has the experience and certifications to handle it.

Water Can Have Biohazardous Contaminants

Not all water damage is created equally. While some come from clean water sources and are fairly safe, some come from contaminated sources, such as sewage and floodwaters. In fact, we categorize water damages by the water’s cleanliness, and we take precautions when necessary. Some water—because of contaminants it may carry—is considered a health hazard and is best avoided without proper safety gear. Even clean water—given time—can start to carry pathogens and become a health threat.

Call Your Water Damage Professionals

For years, SERVPRO of Burke County has worked with thousands of homes and businesses to clean up and restore their water-damaged properties. Our team has seen first-hand how these incidents can get out of control, which is why we are available 24/7. If you have a leak or flooding in your home, call our professionals any time at (828) 874-0966!

How to Prepare for Spring Storms

4/8/2020 (Permalink)

Heavy rain hitting pavement Storms can vary in frequency and intensity, so take steps now to prepare!

Nearly a year ago, our area was hit by heavy rain, winds, and tornadoes. We endured downed powerlines, flooding, and damaged homes and businesses. Our team responded to many customers who had water and storm damages to their property. While we can’t predict that a similar storm will hit us again this year, there are some things you can do to prepare for potential spring storms.

  1. Monitor the local news and weather stations. Your local meteorology team is available 24/7 to provide the latest news and updates regarding the weather. Make a point to regularly check on weather updates and alerts. You may get critical information to help you react to any impending storm.
  1. Clean your gutters. Rain can cause flooding, but a clean gutter system is your first line of defense. Since most people are home because of COVID-19, now is a great time to clean your gutters so they’re ready to work when you need them!
  1. Secure items and furniture in your yard. All too often, we hear about toys and yard furniture being whipped away by strong winds and damaging a neighbor’s home. While you have plenty of time, go through your yard and ensure everything can be secured if needed. The last thing you want is your lawn chair to be turned into a weapon!

Spring storms can vary in strength and frequency, but because it’s an unknown variable, you have to plan for the worst. Take advantage of your time at home to take care of your property and to protect yourself from potential damages. If you do have storm damages, however, our team at SERVPRO of Burke County is available 24/7!

Why You Need Water Mitigation Services

4/1/2020 (Permalink)

Wet tile-patterned flooring in a kitchen with white cabinets Water damage can be problematic if it's not addressed properly, so allow our professionals to handle it for you!

Each week, we get several calls from customers who discover soaked carpets, puddles of water, or worse. Most of those customers ultimately use our services, but we get a handful that cancel and decide to take care of the damages themselves. Unfortunately, this has been known to cause more problems than good, so if you have water damage, there are a couple of reasons you should consider hiring a water damage mitigation company.

Water Damage Often Leads to Mold

Many of the customers who cancel water damage cleanup services often call our team back in a couple of weeks. Mold needs moisture to grow, so when water damage isn’t properly addressed, it can encourage mold growth. We’ve found most homeowners think they’ve extracted and dried all of the water, but they often overlook hidden moisture. A professional water damage restoration company would have the equipment and the experience to completely dry the water, significantly reducing the risk of mold growth.

Some Water Damage Can’t be Seen

Homes often contain many porous materials—such as drywall and flooring—that make great hiding places for moisture. These materials absorb much of the water in affected areas, allowing it to cause mold growth and structural damage that can go undetected. The average homeowner would likely be unable to discover this issue until it was too late. On the other hand, a disaster restoration company would have the tools to detect this moisture, and they would be able to address it before it caused additional damage.

Your Local Water Damage Cleanup Professionals

Since 2009, SERVPRO of Burke County has helped thousands of homes and businesses clean up and recover from water damages. If you need professional help, our team is available 24/7 at (828) 874-0966!

How to Mitigate Allergies in the Workplace

3/19/2020 (Permalink)

Woman wrapped in a red blanket sneezes into a tissue Allergies can slow down productivity, but there are some steps you can take to mitigate the effects!

Allergy season is already upon us! Many of us have already woken to itchy eyes and runny noses, and experts say this is likely to be a brutal season. Although allergies are a natural occurrence, they can impact your employees’ productivity, so it’s a good idea to mitigate the effect on the workplace!

  1. Have your HVAC cleaned. Over time, your duct system builds up an accrual of dust, dirt, and other allergens. As these contaminants recirculate throughout your workspace, they can stir up allergies in your employees. Have a professional duct cleaning company clean your HVAC system every few years to improve your building’s air quality.
  1. Address any mold growth in your building. Mold can cause health effects in certain people, which is why it’s important to take care of any known growth. If you don’t see mold but suspect you have it (especially if you detect a musty odor or have had recent water damage), call an expert to conduct a test. If you do have mold, our mold remediation team has plenty of experience.
  1. Regularly-scheduled cleanings. If your employees are complaining about allergies, it might be a good idea to do schedule regular cleaning sessions. Allergens such as pollen are easily tracked into homes and buildings, so frequent cleanings can help cut down on your employees’ exposure!

There’s no way to completely remove allergens from your business’ workspace, but the above steps can help reduce the impact they have. If you need professional help with any of the above steps, know that SERVPRO of Burke County is always available!

What to Do When You Have Water Damage

3/9/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employees working around a sink in a white kitchen If you have water damage, our technicians have experience cleaning up and drying the affected areas.

Every week, we receive phone calls from customers whose home or business has been affected by flooding or leaks. Yet most people haven’t experienced a water damage situation and are often unprepared to deal with them. That’s why we’re reviewing what you should expect and steps you should take if and when your property is affected.

  1. Deal with the water source. If you have water damage, the first thing you should do is determine the cause of the damage and address it at the source. If you have a broken pipe, for example, you’ll need to shut off the water and call a plumber.

  1. Call a water damage cleanup and restoration company. Water damage—if not properly addressed—can cause mold growth and contribute to structural damage. That’s why it’s very important that you contact a cleanup and restoration company as quickly as possible. They will be able to extract the water, dry affected materials, and apply antimicrobial to discourage mold!

  1. Call your insurance company. Water damage incidents can be costly, but if you have insurance, that’s where it comes in handy! Contact your local representative and review your coverage; it may save you a lot on out-of-pocket expenses.

Water can do significant damage to your home, but if you follow the above steps, you can stay in control. Our cleanup and restoration team is always available to help you recover from water damage, so if you have an incident, call us any time at (828) 874-0966!

SERVPRO of Burke County by the Numbers

2/26/2020 (Permalink)

Green air movers lined on shelves along a white wall We have hundreds of air movers and dehumidifiers to dry your water-damaged home or business!

When we purchased SERVPRO of Burke County in 2011, we had only been SERVPRO franchise owners for 2 years. This year we are celebrating our 11th year of service and have experienced tremendous growth since that time. Because our success can only be contributed to the community’s support, we’re excited to share some stats about where we are today!

  1. 5 franchise locations. SERVPRO of Burke County was the second SERVPRO location that we purchased, but we’ve more than doubled our territory since then! We also own 2 locations in Catawba County, and we recently purchased the location in Iredell County!

  1. 40+ green SERVPRO vehicles. You’ve likely seen our green vehicles as you’ve driven through Morganton or the surrounding areas. If so, you’ve seen one of more than 40 of our vehicles, which we use to quickly get to customers’ properties!

  1. 75 employees (roughly). It’s hard to imagine that a little more than a decade ago, we started our team with only 3 employees. Today we have around 75 employees, and we continue to add more all the time!

  1. 600+ air movers and dehumidifiers. If your home or business has water damage, you’ll need to quickly dry the affected areas before they deteriorate. Our team has more than 600 units of air movers and dehumidifiers—important tools for the water mitigation process—so we can respond to multiple disasters at the same time!

We’re excited about the growth we’ve continued to have each year, and we’re grateful that the community has continued to call upon our team when it’s needed help. If you have any kind of a disaster at your property, know that SERVPRO of Burke County is available 24/7 to provide cleanup and restoration services!

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

2/12/2020 (Permalink)

Woman extinguishes fire while standing beside a firefighter near parked SERVPRO vehicles Our employees were taught how to use a fire extinguisher by our local fire department!

Over the years, we’ve seen how fires can impact people’s lives. They can destroy sentimental objects, ruin homes, and even hurt people themselves. While fire prevention should be on the top of everyone’s mind, it’s also important to know how to mitigate a fire should one actually break out.

Fire extinguishers are an important tool to have in any home or business because they can help put out small fires before they get out of control. But even if you have one, it’s just as important to know how one’s used. The easiest way to do this is by remembering this mnemonic: Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Spray (P.A.S.S.).

  1. Pull. The first thing you need to do when using a fire extinguisher is to pull the pin, which will break the tamper seal.

  1. Aim. Next, you’ll need to aim the hose. It’s very important that you aim at the base of the flame!

  1. Squeeze. You then need to squeeze the handle so you can release the extinguishing agent at the flame.

  1. Spray. Finally, you’ll spray the agent in a side-to-side motion at the base of the flame. If the flame doesn’t fully extinguish, you’ll need to repeat the last three steps.

If you’ve never had to use a fire extinguisher before, it might seem overwhelming, but the P.A.S.S. method is a simple way to remember the process. If you’re unable to put out the fire, you should evacuate and call 911. Once the fire is put out, our team at SERVPRO of Burke County is available to clean up the fire and smoke damage!