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3 Steps to Take if You Have Mold

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 3 Steps to Take if You Have Mold Mold growth can seem scary, but a few steps can help you recover and make it "Like it never even happened!"

If you have mold, chances are that you want it removed right away. While mold can be a nuisance, it can also be treated and stopped from growing. In case you don’t know what to do if you discover it in your home, we’re here to help.

  1. Identify the water source. If you have mold, you either have or had a water problem, since it’s a necessary ingredient for mold growth. Although it can be treated immediately, if the water source is not addressed, the mold will just grow back.

  1. Call a mold remediation company. Unless the mold is shallow and covers a small surface area, it’s best to call your local mold remediation company. Not only are they able to treat the growth, but they also have the tools and experience to contain the area so others are not contaminated. If it’s only a small amount of growth, consider wiping the surface with an antimicrobial spray applied to a cloth.

  1. Take steps to prevent future growth. Once you’ve taken steps to address current mold growth, it’s important to take steps to prevent it from occurring again in the future. The main concern is mitigating the amount of moisture in your home, which you can learn more about in our post about mold prevention.

If you have mold in your home, don’t panic! Instead, call your local mold remediation company to help you get your home back to normal. If you live in the Morganton, NC area, you can call SERVPRO of Burke County at (828) 874-0966!

Do I Have Mold in My Home?

12/18/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Do I Have Mold in My Home? Sometimes mold growth occurs in places you cannot easily see! It may be necessary to have an inspection!

Homeowners generally don’t want mold in their home, which is why they often try to have mold growth treated. But many homeowners are not sure if they have mold at all. In some cases it can be tricky, but there a few indicators that should help you determine if you have mold.

  1. You can see it. The most obvious sign you have mold is you can physically see it. If you do, you should contact your local mold remediation company and ask for their services.

  1. There is a strong, musty odor. Sometimes you cannot see mold, but there’s a strong, musty smell. While it’s not a guarantee you have mold growth, it is a strong indicator. You should call an inspector to test your home and make that determination.

  1. You recently had water damage. Moisture is one of the key ingredients necessary for mold spores to begin growing. If you recently had water damage, it’s possible for mold to grow, especially if the affected areas were not properly treated. If you suspect you might have mold and recently had water damage, contact a mold inspector.

Mold can grow in many places, even in places you cannot see. While it’s sometimes difficult to make the determination on your own, you can call SERVPRO of Burke County for help!

What is a Containment Zone?

11/9/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation What is a Containment Zone? One of our crew chiefs sets up a containment zone before beginning the mold remediation process!

In the cleanup and restoration business, we sometimes have to be very careful with how our work is affecting other areas. Mold remediation, for example, will stir up mold spores and cause them to move to other areas, sometimes where mold growth was not initially a problem. To ensure that we keep contaminants away from unaffected areas, we have to set up a containment zone.

Creating a Containment Zone

There are essentially two main components of a containment zone: transparent polyethylene and negative pressure.

The transparent polyethylene is used to create the structure of the containment zone. It will be draped from ceiling to floor around the perimeter of the affected area and taped down so air cannot enter or escape. We will then strategically cut holes to create a zippable entrance/exit and to mount HEPA-filtered air filtration devices.

We will then apply negative pressure (essentially a vacuum) to the containment zone. This is achieved by running an air scrubber that simultaneously sucks in and removes contaminants from the air. Creating this negative pressure is a vital step because it keeps the contaminants contained even when a person enters or exits the zone.

More than Just Mold

Although we at SERVPRO of Burke County typically use containment zones for mold remediation, they have other uses as well! For example, if we conduct cleanings in medical facilities, we have to be careful not to spread contaminants, so we use a containment zone.

If you have mold or require special, localized cleaning, you can call SERVPRO of Burke County today at 828-874-0966!

3 Mold Growth Prevention Tips

9/19/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 3 Mold Growth Prevention Tips Mold in this home grew in this space due to stagnant, humid air. Be sure to lower the humidity to appropriate levels!

Nobody wants mold growth on their property, but many property owners fail to take the necessary steps to prevent it in the first place. If you’re worried about potential growth, we’re here to offer 3 tips that will help with mold growth prevention!

  • Keep your indoor humidity low. Mold spores are virtually everywhere, but they only become an issue in ideal conditions. Because mold needs moisture to activate, humid areas tend to promote mold growth. That’s why it’s important to keep windows closed on humid days and to consider using a dehumidifier when levels are high!

  • Dry up water damage immediately. As we mentioned, mold growth is activated by moisture, so when your property has a leak or any kind of flooding, be sure to address it immediately. If the damage is small enough, you might be able to handle itself. In many cases, however, it might be advisable to call your local cleanup and restoration company.

  • Seal areas in your home where water might leak inside. It’s one thing to address water damage when you have it, it’s another thing to prevent it altogether. In case you missed it the first two times, it’s important that you keep excess moisture out of your home because it fuels mold growth. One of the most common ways for water to get into the home is through cracks and vulnerabilities in the structure. By addressing this, you’re less likely to have mold growth issues!

Mold growth can happen when and where we least expect it, but by taking the necessary precautions, you are less likely to have an issue! But if you do have mold problems, contact SERVPRO of Burke County today at (828) 874-0966!

3 Factors That Might Have Caused Your Home’s Mold Growth

8/14/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 3 Factors That Might Have Caused Your Home’s Mold Growth Mold growth can get out of control if left untreated, but with a few simple steps, you can prevent mold growth altogether!

Our first instinct when we see mold is to do whatever we can to get rid of it. While it’s impossible to actually remove mold spores from your home, it is possible to stop active growth and take steps to prevent it from growing in the future. But what caused it begin growing in the first place? There are a few possibilities.

  1. Untreated Water Damage. One of the main ingredients mold needs to grow is water, so when water is left untreated, it tends to activate the mold spores. That’s why it is highly recommended that water damage is mitigated quickly after it occurs!
  1. High Humidity. As we stated, mold needs water to grow, so it stands to reason that high humidity would lead to such growth. We highly recommend that you keep your home’s humidity levels between 30 – 50%, which can be accomplished by using a dehumidifier.
  1. Lack of Air Circulation. This actually ties in with humidity, but we think it’s a common enough problem that we should mention it separately. When air has adequate movement, it actually helps speed up the evaporation of moisture; this is actually the main goal of some of our water mitigation equipment. Conversely, when doors are closed and stifle air flow, it actually retains the moisture and leads to longer periods of humidity. So make sure your doors are open and fans are running!

Mold can be a major nuisance (and even damaging), but as homeowners, we can often prevent mold growth by ourselves. But if you’re still concerned or have questions, call SERVPRO of Burke County today at (828) 874-0966!

The Truth About Black Mold

4/17/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Truth About Black Mold "Black mold" might sound scary, but it's no more dangerous than any other mold!

Black mold.

Toxic, black mold.

If there’s one thing that scares people, it’s the fear that they have black mold growing on their property. After all, numerous TV ads and internet articles will have you believe that simply touching or breathing in the spores will poison you or lead to birth defects. But the truth is that black mold is actually nothing like the monster it’s portrayed to be.

First, black mold is no more dangerous than any other type of mold. There are thousands of types of mold and many of them just happen to be black. You might be allergic to some types of mold and not others, but there is no need to be any more concerned with black mold than you would with white, green, or any other color of mold. In fact, some species of mold are different colors simply based on the environment and conditions.

Second, mold is not toxic. Some can certainly produce byproducts called “mycotoxins” that they naturally release as they grow, but no species of mold is actually toxic or poisonous (this is all backed by the CDC and other experts). Even the species that can produce mycotoxins should be treated with no more alarm than any other type of mold.

So why are people scared of black mold? Unfortunately, it’s a result of media hype and the spread of false information. If you see or hear anyone advertising the dangers of “toxic, black mold,” they’re likely trying to sell something or have fallen victim to a scare campaign.

If you discover black mold in your home or building, remain calm and call SERVPRO of Burke County to take care of it quickly and efficiently.

How to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home

12/14/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home   Mold is an unwelcome guest in many homes, but you can take steps to make sure it doesn't grow in yours!

Nobody wants mold to grow in their home. Yet nearly every day, we visit homes in Burke County where mold has taken residence. So what exactly causes mold growth, and how can you prevent it from happening in your home? We cover that below.

What Causes Mold Growth?

The truth is that mold is already in your home; in fact, it’s everywhere. Spores are in the air around you (indoors and outdoors), so it’s impossible to eliminate them. Fortunately for you, it isn’t much of a problem until it actually begins growing in your home.

Most homes present two of the three necessary components for mold growth: food (any organic material) and warm temperatures. The only reason mold isn’t growing in every home from Valdese to Morganton is because many homes lack the final ingredient: moisture. One of the most common reasons mold growth even begins is because of water damage caused by flooding, leaks, or a similar incident.

Preventing Mold Growth

Now that you know how mold growth begins, it’s important to understand how prevent it. While it’s easy to say “Don’t get your stuff wet,” it doesn’t help when disaster unexpectedly hits your home. Here are three things you can do to prevent mold growth:

  • Dry wet areas immediately. Mold growth can occur within as soon as 24 hours once moisture is present. The longer you let areas stay damp, the higher your chances that mold will take hold.
  • Let air circulate. Cold air is not very good at holding moisture, which means mold is less likely to grow in cooler areas. Make sure that air is circulating well in your home; you might even want to open your windows if the weather’s nice enough.
  • Call a cleanup and restoration company immediately after water damage. You might have dried up the water from burst pipe, but don’t assume you’re in the clear. Floors and drywalls tend to absorb the water, which leads to mold growth that you can’t see until it becomes a serious problem.

If you follow the tips above and mold still grows in your home, call us at (828) 874-0966 and we’ll help make it “Like it never even happened.”

Mold Damage Remediation Services Available For Your Morganton Area Home

12/11/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Remediation Services Available For Your Morganton Area Home When you find mold lurking behind things or in plain sight in your home, it is time to contact SERVPRO and speak to one of our experts.

Our Technicians are Properly Certified to Deal With a Mold Infestation in Your Home

If you are not already aware, household-mold is a type of fungi that can reproduce using spores that travel through the air. There are various facts about mold that occurs in your Morganton area home that you should be aware of and take seriously, combating this issue in your home is far from a joke.  

Finding mold damage in your Morganton home is serious business. A majority of the time it takes a highly-trained professional to control mold growth in your home, and the process can be quite extensive, depending on the amount of exposure that exists. The longer you dismiss the problem, or ignore the issue altogether, the harder it becomes to return your living environment to normal.  

  • Mold is a fungus, commonly referred to as Mildew.
  • Molds can live both indoors and outdoors, often thriving in warm, moist, oxygenated environments.
  • Mold can grow anywhere in your home that contains all three conditions. However, there are more frequent locations than others.
  • Regardless of the species or amount of mold found in your home, it can cause health effects.
  • The best way to control mold in your home is to maintain possible water sources properly.

At SERVPRO we find that helping to inform our customers helps garner more lasting relationships and prevents significant damage events that might otherwise cost you your home. We want to be there for you when you need us the most. However, we also want to help you avoid these situations altogether if at all possible.  

SERVPRO technicians inform our customers by sharing information and helping them make quality decisions that help protect their health and home. When you understand the situation you face, you are more likely to seek the help you need to get things under control and avoid hesitation that makes things worse.

SERVPRO’s IICRC certified mold remediation specialists are available 24/7, all year long and give you access to the personnel, equipment, and resources needed to keep your home environment as healthy and clean as possible.  All you have to do is contact SERVPRO of Burke County for access to quality services you can trust. Call today. (828) 874-0966

For more information regarding the city of Morganton, click here.

Stopping Mold Damage in Bridgewater

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Stopping Mold Damage in Bridgewater Removing mold growth is not simple, but with SERVPRO's experience and knowledge, we are able to make your home "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Has Years of Experience Remediating Mold Damage

Mold spores are everywhere in Bridgewater; that means every home and business except for hospital operating rooms. Mold growth does not happen only in dirty homes on an episode of ‘Hoarders.' It is a common misconception, but the reality is just as simple.

Stopping and cleaning mold damage to a Bridgewater home means understanding how it forms in the first place. SERVPRO has almost thirty years of experience in restoration and how mold causes as much damage as a fire or flood by the time anyone notices a problem every year. Since mold thrives in a range from 68 to 86 degrees, it is also a problem in homes covering the entire calendar.

A mold spore is smaller than a mustard seed, and a mass of hundreds is no bigger than the period at the end of a sentence. Each spore is inert and no threat unless there is a source of moisture. Even just a few drops of water can cause mold to expand and begin seeking out a food source. Often, SERVPRO technicians find the source comes from a leaky pipe or when a tiny amount of rainwater finds its way under a roof and down an inside wall.

They do this by extending hyphae which quickly grow across surfaces. When they find a preferred source like drywall, the hyphae begin burrowing into it. Building materials are a favorite food source and why every home in North Carolina is at risk for mold.

Over the years, we learned that the most efficient way to halt mold and reverse the growth is to remove the water source. Once we dry the puddle in the attic or repair the pipe in the wall, spores quickly return to their dormant state. In this condition, it is easier for us to clean surfaces and remove any spore-infested material.

The task of removing mold growth is not a simple one, but the goal of SERVPRO of Burke County is to return our neighborhood homes to a clean, safe condition. If you have a mold problem or suspect there may be one, call us today at (828) 874-0966. We are here for you.

For more information about Burke County, visit

Connelly Springs Mold Damage Can Be Insidious

8/1/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Connelly Springs Mold Damage Can Be Insidious Mold without Remediation in a Connelly Springs Home Can Cause a Lot of Damage

SERVPRO Detects and Remediates Secret Mold Patches in Your Connelly Springs Home

Mold growth is the slowest moving disaster to affect a home. It is also the only one that can go unnoticed for weeks and months. Despite that, active mold spores cause millions of dollars in cleaning and replacement costs each year.

Since mold expands slowly, some homeowners think they can stop it with bleach and paint over visible signs. The truth is that bleach does not usually kill mold; it may force it back into an inert state for a time, but the potential threat is still there. If you want to stop mold damage and keep it from returning to your Connelly Springs home, you need to call SERVPRO today.

To get rid of it, first, we determine exactly where it is and how much is there. While it is possible to ‘follow your nose’ and trace that musty odor which comes with most mold, the most efficient method we have is to use air content monitors to check the percentage of particles and follow the highest readings. Moisture sensors and infrared cameras aid in detecting damp areas that offer the fungi the water they need to grow.

To halt mold growth, we eliminate the source of moisture; this means removing standing water like puddles and closing off continuous drips from leaky pipes. Once eliminated, active spores contract and return to a dormant state. No further growth means no further damage.

Now, we begin to remove existing mold. If the spores have had time to grow into building material such as sheetrock, causing deep hyphae (root-like) penetrations, we remove the entire, affected panel. It is much more cost-efficient to remove and replace, rather than attempt to restore. While this material makes for great interior walls, it quickly crumbles at efforts to trim it down since the cardboard backing has been consumed. If it gets wet, sheetrock almost breaks apart at the first touch.

Personal property (clothing and furniture for example) is easier and cheaper to clean. Mold spores tend to settle out of the air on these items rather than grow across or into them. Technicians wipe down furniture using dry cloths and brushes but also use an antimicrobial cleaner if needed. If the surfaces are rough (i.e. marble countertops), we use powered brushes and agitators to remove any spores before cleaning.

For clothing, curtains, and other fabrics, we maintain large, commercial washing machines at our facility. We use detergents designed to remove mold and other contaminants without damaging the material. If a material is dry clean only, we send these items to an outside facility for cleaning.

At SERVPRO of Burke County, we understand that any disruption to your life is unacceptable. Every action we take is designed to return your home to its original state as quickly as possible, "Like it never even happened." If you see or suspect, a mold problem in your home, call us today at (828) 874-0966.

More on Connelly Springs here.

Why Mold Damage Comes Back In Bridgewater

3/12/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Why Mold Damage Comes Back In Bridgewater Mold lives everywhere.

Mold Damage

Mold lives everywhere – inside your home, outdoors, at your work, in your child's school, even in your local hospitals. Eliminating mold is impossible. Controlling mold is something that can be done by controlling the environment. If this is done correctly, even if mold exists in your home, it can do nothing except remain where it settles.

When Bridgewater residents remove mold damage found in their homes on their own, they often find that there is more mold later on, and in additional locations. There are a few reasons behind this preventable phenomena. There are also ways to prevent mold from growing.

Removing mold in areas that are exposed to air currents can cause spores to be released into the air. Worse than this is when fans are used to dry an area that has mold after bleach has been used. Bleach only removes the color of the mold, while at the same time providing mold with one of the very things mold needs to grow. Hence, mold, ready to grow, is whisked off into the air, and then is deposited around your home.

Another way that mold can spread is when personal belongings that are infested with mold are thrown away. If they are carried to the garbage can inside your home and thrown away, this can allow spores to be released. Items that are moldy should be bagged up when found, and then, after the bag is knotted, taken to an outside garbage can to be disposed of safely. When you find mold growing, it is nice to remember that mold needs protection from sunlight, moisture, and cellulose. It does not take much time for mold to grow out of control and ruin clothing, other fabric items, carpeting and rugs, and much more in your home.

Mold can also indicate a problem with water leaks or drips nearby. SERVPRO technicians are trained to not only remediate mold and rid your home of mold damage, but also to locate the sources that support out of control growths of mold. Water from leaky windows, sagging gutters, and malfunctioning air conditioners are also sources. Having a dehumidifier installed can help prevent mold from growing when moisture comes from basements and crawlspaces.

SERVPRO of Burke County wants to help you control mold damage and ensure that your home remains that way. When you have discovered mold in your home, do not hesitate to call us at (828) 874-0966. We can begin remediating any size mold problem within the hour.

Stopping the Spread of Mold in Hildebran

1/19/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Stopping the Spread of Mold in Hildebran Moldy Floors and Walls in Hildebran Need Remediation

Best Bet: Let the Skilled Technicians from SERVPRO Remediate Your Mold Issues

Mold is, by nature, quick to spread. When it enters a home, the mold can work its way throughout the structure with ease, finding places where conditions are just right to begin growth. As such, mold can start with a small colony in a bathroom or dark corner, but quickly spread throughout the home and create more problems behind walls, under floors, and in other rooms. Stopping the spread of mold is key in preventing more damage, so try to keep on top of these preventative measures.
Turn Off the HVAC System
One of the easiest ways for Hildebran mold damage to spread is through your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Ventilation and air currents allow mold to have its spores picked up and whisked away, and then spread throughout the building. Although this is less necessary for mold which is restricted to unseen areas, if the mold is in any common area of the home, your HVAC system has high potential to spread it elsewhere. Unless otherwise directed by SERVPRO technicians, you should shut your HVAC system off as soon as you have positively identified a significant mold colony.
Get Things Dry, Quickly
If your home has extra water or water damage related to the mold growth, your priority should be to get things dry. SERVPRO carries specialty equipment for large drying jobs, but you can help by airing things out before we arrive and drying up small problems yourself. Note that you should never touch a moldy area, and if these need drying, you should leave it to our personnel to handle.
Keep Things Isolated
In the wake of mold or other types of damage, some homeowners attempt to consolidate belongings into a separate room on their own, to take stock and keep things safe. Our advice is to allow these objects to remain in their original place, as they may contain high amounts of mold spores and could spread them to otherwise clean rooms. Our technicians can take stock of your belongings and separate items in a professional manner, and in a way so as to keep the fungi isolated.
SERVPRO of Burke County is a locally-owned franchise of a national restoration corporation that provides some of the best equipment, personnel, and customer service to help your home recover from disaster. Call us 24/7 at (828) 874-0966.

Mold Grows in Bridgewater Homes Under the Right Conditions

12/15/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Grows in Bridgewater Homes Under the Right Conditions Keep Moisture and Food Sources Away from Mold to Protect Your Home in Bridgewater

Call SERVPRO to Inspect and Remediate Mold Colonies on Your Property

Although mold grows slowly and can take weeks, months, or even years to develop into a noticeable problem, it is still important to contact a remediation expert like SERVPRO as soon as you find signs of it growing in your home. Although it is typically a slow-growing and slow-spreading hazard, remediation is a task best done sooner rather than later, as mold becomes exponentially harder to remove as time goes on. If you've noticed just a small patch, this could also indicate a larger issue elsewhere in the home that needs immediate attention. Luckily, a mold is visible for some time before it becomes a major issue, and if you're fortunate, you may be able to nip an infestation in the bud.

Mold spores are extremely durable and all but impossible to fully remove from a home, but preventing severe mold damage in Bridgewater isn't a particularly difficult task. There are multiple potential factors that should tip you off to the possibility of mold growth in an area. First, the fungi require a source of water, and an organic surface upon which to spread their hyphae (root-like structures.) If an area is completely dry at all times or is composed of stone or metal, chances are it won't be able to develop mold colonies leading to damage.

Second, mold often (although not always) prefers dark areas, so shadowy corners and seldom used rooms are often prime candidates. Scan these areas every once in a while and look out for signs of mold growth or musty odors.
Signs of mold growth include visible patches that are white or noticeably discolored, with a fuzzy appearance or texture. Be careful never to touch mold with your bare hands, however, and you shouldn't attempt to verify mold growth by touch. The mold may also release foul or musty odors, although the intensity is correlated with species, size, and maturity of the colony. A large patch of mold growth will typically be easily smelled, but smaller spots can be much more challenging to discern.
If you've identified, or sense signs of mold growth anywhere in your home, contact SERVPRO of Burke County right away at (828) 874-0966, so we can stop further growth and reduce costs on remediation.

The Potential Effects of Mold Damage on Your Home

10/11/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Potential Effects of Mold Damage on Your Home Mold is notorious for thriving in dark and wet places including in carpet padding, underneath wood and tile flooring, and behind walls.

The Effects of Mold Damage

The first sign of mold typically causes homeowners to become concerned, and for a good reason. Mold is known for being potentially hazardous to the health of people and animals, and it also damages the structure of a home as well as the possessions within it.

If you're facing mold damage in Bridgewater, it's important that you seek professional help to restore your home instead of opting to try ineffective DIY remedies. To understand why expert attention is essential, it's helpful to know the many ways that mold damage can adversely affect your home.

Walls and Flooring
Mold is notorious for thriving in dark and wet places including in carpet padding, underneath wood and tile flooring, and behind walls. The expert technicians at SERVPRO are trained to restore walls and flooring affected by mold efficiently, and we'll also properly remove any contaminated debris that results from the mold damage.

Your furniture may be dry to the touch, but if it's still harboring excess moisture internally mold damage will break down its structure and cause unsightly stains on the fabric. This may trigger illness and ruins the appearance of furnishings. We can typically extract water and use our technologically advanced equipment to keep mold at bay and restore your furniture.

Air Quality
One of the telltale signs of mold damage is foul odors that smell distinctly moldy. It's not just that mold damage creates bad smells within your home, the mold spores themselves affect your air quality. SERVPRO technicians will dehumidify your home and treat the air within it.

The team at SERVPRO of Burke County is well equipped with the knowledge and equipment to handle mold damage safely, and we'll work to prevent future mold growth in your home so you can have peace of mind. To receive more information or for a quote about our mold damage remediation services, contact us 24/7 at (828) 874-0966.

Homes are Safer and Healthier with Mold Removal Services

7/22/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Homes are Safer and Healthier with Mold Removal Services Mold Remediation in Hildebran, on a Wall or Basement, Can Be Fixed by SERVPRO

SERVPRO Remediates Mold Infestations

Almost everyone knows that mold can cause health effects in people. What they may not know is that cleaning it up themselves can sometimes do more damage than good. This is because disturbing mold can cause it to release the spores that can create new colonies elsewhere in your home. Experienced cleaning professionals know how to prevent the spread of spores. Our technicians have IICRC certifications and training to match the equipment they utilize in mold remediation.

Mold Removal in Your Hildebran Home can be Completed Quickly, Safely, and Effectively
Our mold remediation experts are skilled in the detection of hidden mold throughout your home, and while you may suspect a growth in a particular location, we can find any other areas in your home that are affected by mold. Often, these fungi are also found in the ductwork of a home's heating and cooling system (HVAC), or in the exhaust system from bathrooms. Mold is also often found in attics when an exhaust system is not properly connected to the exterior, or time and settling of the home's frame has caused the duct work to come loose. Animals can also tear holes into the duct work, allowing moisture to escape into the attic.

Because of the ability of mold to live in ventilation and exhaust ducts, we have equipment that makes it possible to clean the interior of these ducts thoroughly. This keeps you from needing to replace them, cutting costs. After scraping the interiors of the ducts, we then vacuum with a HEPA filtered vacuum. For high mold infestations, we can clean your air with an air scrubber. This device works similarly to a regular air filter, but ours will eliminate spores from the air, even though mold spores are much smaller (2.5 microns) than what the typical air filter can remove from the air.

What Else You Should Know about Mold Removal and Mold Damage
The appearance of mold indicates the presence of water where it should not be. Moisture, high levels of humidity can also cause mold growth. We have equipment that can detect greater than normal levels of humidity, thermal hygrometers, and moisture meters, leading us to the pockets of moisture and possibly their sources.
Sometimes this moisture comes from a leak or frozen water line, and other times it can be from carelessness in the bathroom. In some situations, the water has an external source, such as rainfall through a crack or other opening in the roof or structure. We can repair these conditions and stop the flow of water, lessening the chance of the fungi's return.

For all of your mold removal needs, call us. We can make it “Like it never even happened” in your Hildebran area home. You can reach us by calling SERVPRO of Burke County at (828) 874-0966 any time of day or night, every day of the year. 

Mold Remediation in Hildebran and Some Useful Information

10/26/2015 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Remediation in Hildebran and Some Useful Information Call SERVPRO for Safe Mold Remediation

SERVPRO's Mold Remediation Service Will Protect Your Hildebran Home

Many property owners are aware that mold growth in Hildebrand is a serious household issue that can have adverse effects on your home. Mold remediation can be the solution. However, learning more about mold and how to address the issue with prudence can prevent you from experiencing financial setbacks and emotional strain. Refer to the quick reference guide that appears below so you can be prepared to address a mold issue you may have:

Mold Basics

Molds are a type of fungi that thrive under the right conditions, and are endemic, in the natural environment as spores. The substrate for colony development is usually a cellulose material. Add sufficient water, moisture, or even humidity, and mold proliferation can occur. The fungi come in a wide range of colors, including white, blue, orange, dark green and black.  There are many strains of molds, including:

• Stachybotrys
• Aspergillus
• Cladosporium
• Mucor
• Penicillin

What Causes Mold In My Home?

Mold growth can occur when the conducive conditions of a food source and sufficient moisture are present. If your home experiences a fire, hurricane, or earthquake, the event likely requires extinguishing efforts on the part of the fire department. The results can be excessive standing water on your property. Unfortunately, mold grows best in a damp, moist environments. Usually, the factors encouraging mold growth can be controlled by diligent awareness of your property. Periodically, checking the following list may help prevent conducive conditions resulting in mold growth. Prevention is better than mold remediation.

• Poor ventilation
• Leaking pipes
• Damp carpets
• Excessive humidity
• Roof leakages
• Flooding
• Damp basements

Getting Professional Help

The best way to handle a mold issue is to contact a professional mold remediation company like SERVPRO. Specialized training and experience, industry grade equipment, and the proper safety clothing and gear are all essential elements of a successful mold remediation service.

Trust The Professionals Of SERVPRO

When you find that your home in Hildebran has mold, it's time to take action. The team to call for fast mold remediation services is SERVPRO. 

Locally Owned, with National Resources

Locally Owned, with National Resources

SERVPRO of Burke County is locally owned and operated, so we are part of the Hildebran community too. When you have a mold or water damage issue, we’re already nearby and ready to help. We offer localized service to the Lake James and Drexel areas with just a phone call. (828) 874-0966