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What Happens To Your Stuff After a Fire?

6/7/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What Happens To Your Stuff After a Fire? Every possession is inventoried, boxed, and labeled so you can rest assured they will all be accounted for!

House fires are traumatic. Even in cases where the home isn’t completely destroyed, possessions are ruined, you’re temporarily displaced, and stress levels are high. Fortunately, you can call our team here at SERVPRO of Burke County to help you restore your home and get back on your feet. But what happens to your affected belongings? They go through our packout and cleaning processes.

Salvageable vs Unsalvageable Contents

When you have a disaster at your home, one of the first things we do is send a packout team to sort and box your belongings. Once these items have been packed, we will temporarily relocate and clean them at our warehouse. We ensure all items are scanned into our system, and every box is labeled by room—this helps us ensure your items are kept together and are returned to its original place!

Unfortunately, not all items can be saved, either because they are heavily damaged or because of the nature of the object. These unsalvageable items (known as “nonsals”) are cataloged the same as all of the other belongings, but they are not able to be cleaned and restored. But before we take any action (such as disposal), we meet with you to review the unsalvageable items so you can make a final decision!

Cleaning Your Belongings

Once we pack out your possessions, we take them back to our warehouse to be cleaned. Any textiles—including linens, clothes, and stuffed toys—will be cleaned at our on-site textiles cleaning facility. We use state-of-the-art technology to wash and remove soot and dirt, even on the most fragile items. Our textiles facility is also equipped with an ozone chamber to eliminate any lingering odors!

All other items are cleaned and deodorized by our team of expert content cleaners. We use a variety of techniques and propriety cleaning products to return your belongings in its pre-disaster state!

Recovering Your Possessions

We know that a fire can destroy items that hold a lot of sentimental value. That’s why our team takes great care in attempting to restore your belongings. We’ll even go above and beyond to make sure you are reunited with the items you want the most. So if you have a fire, call our team here at SERVPRO of Burke County today!

Why Does My Smoke Alarm Beep?

2/15/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Why Does My Smoke Alarm Beep? Smoke alarms are an essential tool for fire safety, but they sometimes need attention.

Every home should have a smoke alarm. Not only do the alarms provide you with an early warning to a potential disaster, but they also help save lives. Yet sometimes, these devices will beep for what seems like no reason, often being disruptive or just downright annoying. What causes them to beep? There are multiple possibilities.

(NOTE: Never assume your smoke detector is creating a false alarm. Get to safety first, and confirm you do not have an emergency before considering the below.)

  1. The batteries are dying. When a smoke detector’s battery is low, it will chirp at a regular interval to let you know it needs to be changed. Once you replace the battery, the beeping should stop!
  1. It needs a hard reset. If you’ve replaced the battery, and the alarm continues to beep, it’s possible the system simply needs to be reset. Here’s a guide to resetting a smoke alarm.
  1. Your alarm’s at the end of its life. Believe it or not, smoke alarms do not last forever. Most detectors last about 10 years, which is the recommended time to replace them. If you haven’t replaced it by then, the beeping might just be the reminder you needed.

Smoke alarms are an incredibly important tool when it comes to fire safety. But if your alarm continues to beep, you should address the issue so it works properly during an emergency. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always consult your local fire department.

3 Fire Prevention Tips

1/8/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 3 Fire Prevention Tips Kitchen fires are one of the leading cause of home fires each year. If you use the kitchen, never leave it unsupervised!

Fires cause a lot of property damage every single day, which can be an expensive process to clean up and restore. Fortunately, many fires can be prevented if some precautions are taken. Below are some simple tips you can follow to prevent potential fire damage!

  1. Never leave a kitchen unattended while in use. Cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires each year, according to the National Fire Protection Association. While there are a few factors for this statistic, one of the main reasons they occur is because kitchens are left unattended for periods of time. That’s why it is strongly recommended that you stay in your kitchen at all times, even if you think everything is under control!
  1. Keep flammable materials away from heat sources. This might seem obvious, but quite frequently, flammable objects will catch fire because they are left close to heat sources. This can include space heaters, candles, fireplaces, and many other sources. It’s best to leave them at least a few feet apart!

  1. Replace all frayed wires. Wires tend to fray over time, especially if they are not protected properly. When this protective coating is torn, the hot electrical currents run a risk of catching nearby flammable materials on fire. If you notice any frayed wires, have them replaced immediately!

As we’ve discussed, some easy precautions can prevent devastating fires from occurring. But if you do have a fire in your home or commercial property, don’t worry! You can call SERVPRO of Burke County—your local fire cleanup and restoration company—today at (828) 874-0966!

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

12/19/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Holiday Fire Safety Tips Cooking fires are one the leading cause of home fires each year! Be careful during your holiday cooking!

Fires break out all the time, but Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are two days that tend to have more than others. Fires can cause substantial damages and incur high costs, but there are some steps you can take to mitigate your risk. Here are a few holiday fire safety tips!

  1. Make sure your Christmas tree is well-watered. Although it’s not extremely common, Christmas tree fires do occur, and they can result in death and substantial damages. A well-watered tree will burn a low slower than a dry tree, which can burn down in less than a minute. So make sure you water yours regularly!

  1. Never leave the kitchen unattended. Cooking fires are by far the number one cause of home fires. It’s highly recommended that you stay in your kitchen at all times as long as you’re cooking. Even just a few seconds away can make a difference!

  1. Keep heat sources away from flammable objects. In many cases, the reason a home fire starts is that a candle, heater, or some other heat source is too close to a flammable object, such as Christmas trees or ornaments. So if you plan on using a heat source of any kind, keep it away from everything else!

Christmas and New Year’s Day are some of the best holidays of the year, but they can also be some of the most destructive times for fires. So if you need help cleaning up after fire damage in your home this holiday season, call SERVPRO of Burke County at (828) 874-0966!

4 Ways a House Fire can Start

11/1/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 4 Ways a House Fire can Start One of the most common ways house fires start is from the kitchen. It's important that you never leave your kitchen unattended!

House fires happen every day, often when people least expect them. But even though many homeowners are unprepared, home fires can often be prevented. The best way to start is to know some of the most common ways a house fire can start.

  1. Kitchen Fire. The leading cause of home fires in the United States is cooking-related fires. These often occur when a homeowner leaves the kitchen unattended—even for a minute—or they make it worse by attempting to put it out with water.

  1. Space Heaters. Space heaters, fireplaces, and other heating elements are great during cold weather, but they can also cause nearby flammable objects to catch fire. If you’re going to use one, be mindful of its surroundings and keep it away from other objects.

  1. Cigarettes. Cigarettes are a major contributor to home fires, often because they are not properly extinguished. If you smoke, it’s recommended that you do so outdoors and fully extinguish the cigarette with water.

  1. Electrical Fires. Considering we live in a world dominated by electricity, it’s no surprise that homes can be ruined from an electrical fire. These can occur for a number of reasons, but typically because either the wires are frayed or the device overheats.

While there are many ways a home fire can start, the above are some of the most common ways. The most important thing to remember with fire prevention is that you should always be aware of your surroundings. Because the more precautions you take, the more likely you’ll avert disaster.

3 Fire Safety Tips

10/19/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 3 Fire Safety Tips Never leave your kitchen unattended! Fires can get out of control very quickly!

Home fires are a common occurrence in Burke County, much like they are in the rest of the Unifour region. While some of these fires are a result of an outside force, often times they can be prevented with a few simple steps. We’re offering 3 fire safety tips that should help you protect your home from a devastating fire!

  • Inspect your smoke detector monthly. A smoke detector can give you an early enough warning to save your life, but only if it’s operating properly! The U.S. Fire Administration recommends that you test each unit once a month and that you replace them every 10 years. And if you don’t have a smoke detector in your home, be sure to get one immediately! A smoke detector can reduce your chances of a home fire death by 50%!
  • Keep heat sources away from flammable objects. A lot of house fires start when a lamp, space heater, fireplace, or some other heat source sets fire to a nearby flammable object. While you can certainly use these heat sources, it’s important to be mindful of its surroundings; keep them isolated!
  • Never leave the kitchen unattended. Fires can happen quickly, sometimes in just seconds. That’s why it’s important you should never leave the kitchen unattended while it’s in use, even for just a minute. After all, kitchen fires are the leading cause of all house fires!

Fires are dangerous and can cause incredible damage, but they can also be prevented if you’re vigilant and take a few precautions. If your home does have a fire, you can call SERVPRO of Burke County at 828-874-0966! Our technicians can clean up fire and smoke damage and make it “Like it never even happened!”

Things to Dispose of After a Fire

7/5/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Things to Dispose of After a Fire Don't assume that because your food hasn't been destroyed by the fire that it's safe to consume!

Fires already take away from you, but just because something survived doesn’t mean that it’s still safe to use or consume. In fact, we don’t often talk about what to do after a fire, but there’s a lot of safety issues that arise. If you or somebody you know has a house fire, it’s highly advisable that you dispose of the following items:

Food (including packaged food). Most—if not all—of your food will need to be thrown out if they’ve been exposed to a fire. Smoke and chemicals will contaminate exposed food. Even when food is packaged, the fire’s heat can activate bacteria growth or change the consumable’s flavor. Also, refrigerator and freezer contents will need to be evaluated to ensure that smoke was not able to infiltrate; if you smell smoke when opening these containers, dispose of everything inside.

Medicine. In the same vein as food, medicine will likely be destroyed, altered, or ineffective by high heat, especially since most are stored in plastic containers. It’s much safer to buy new medicine than to risk consuming what you already have. If you are in an immediate need for more, call your doctor.

Cosmetics. Like the others, cosmetics can be altered or rendered ineffective by high heat. It’s best to consider throwing them out, especially if they look warped or have a different consistency.

As with anything, use your best judgment when deciding what to keep or toss. If it looks questionable or you’re just uncertain, you’re likely safer to just throw it out. If you have fire damage in Morganton or anywhere in Burke County, call SERVPRO of Burke County to be your cleanup and restoration professional!

What to Do if Your Home Catches Fire

3/19/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What to Do if Your Home Catches Fire In most cases, you only have about 2 minutes to escape from a burning home. If you know what to do, you have a better chance of escaping!

If you’re reading this, chances are that you aren’t currently inside a burning structure (though if you are, evacuate the building immediately). Instead, you’ve either stumbled across this page by accident or you’re trying to prepare yourself and/or your family for a future potential disaster. Regardless of your reason, you should be aware of what you should do if your home catches fire.

  • Alert others. Assuming the fire is too large and aggressive to put it out yourself, you’ll want to let everyone else know they need to escape. The most direct method is to shout “Fire” several times to make sure you get everyone’s attention.
  • Evacuate immediately. Don’t wait for help to arrive; leave your home and your belongings behind. If there are others who need assistance—and it is safe to do so—help them. If your exits are blocked by fire or smoke, use a secondary exit.
  • Stay low to the ground. If you see smoke, stay low to the ground because gasses and smoke rise to the ceiling. Asphyxiation is the leading cause of fire-related deaths.
  • If you or your clothes catch fire, STOP, DROP, and ROLL. You’ve probably heard this since childhood, but if you find yourself on fire, you should stop moving, drop down with your hands over your face, and roll back and forth until the fire is extinguished. If you attempt to run, the flames will spread faster.
  • If you’re trapped, stay in the room. If you don’t have an escape route, keep the doors closed and place a wet towel under the door. Call 911 and follow their instructions.
  • Go to your meeting place and call 911. If you can escape, go to your pre-established meeting spot outside of the home (if you don’t have one, be sure to choose one and discuss it with your family). If nobody else in your family has done so, call 911 immediately. Do not re-enter the home under any circumstances unless your local fire department has given you the OK to do so.

In reality, you only have approximately 2 minutes to escape from a burning home. Knowing ahead of time what to do and expect is the best way to prepare. In addition to discussing this information with your family, you should also host fire drills with these 2-minute limitations. Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out you aren't prepared!

If you want to prepare for the actions you’ll need to take after a fire, we wrote a thorough guide just for that!

What to Do After a House Fire

1/22/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What to Do After a House Fire Don't let a house fire throw your life off-balance. If you take the necessary steps, your home can be restored to its pre-fire condition!

(Note: This guide assumes you and everyone else in the home have already safely evacuated and called 911. If you have not, please do so now).

There are few things more stressful than having a fire damage your home and belongings. It disrupts your life, dissolves your peace of mind, and destroys precious mementos. Unfortunately, people are often unprepared for these situations and aren’t sure what steps to take to begin returning their lives to normal.

That’s why we’ve provided a helpful guide with instructions on how to recover from a house fire.

Making Important Phone Calls

After any natural disaster, it’s instinct to call the people close to you for support. After a house fire, there are plenty of people you’ll want to contact, but there are some that will be extraordinarily helpful in giving you back your peace of mind:

  1. Your Insurance Company or Agent. If there’s anyone who’s going to help you reclaim your life, it’s your insurance representative. Call them as soon as possible because they will be able to advise you on any necessary actions to take regarding safety and recovery. If you have an agent, they will be able to help you with filing a claim. Depending on your policy, you may be entitled to financial support while you get back on your feet.
  1. Disaster Restoration Company. Your insurance representative is going to walk you through the process, but your local disaster restoration company is the one who will actually do the work to restore your home and belongings. Your insurance will generally recommend their preferred restoration company, but you are legally entitled to choose your own. Be sure you choose one with a solid reputation and a wide range of services to make sure they can handle all of your needs. Your restoration provider will also have experience working with insurance during moments of crisis, so they will be able to help you take care of any necessary steps.
  1. Family and Friends. Once you’ve contacted your insurance and a reputable disaster restoration company, call your loved ones and update them on the situation. If you do not have a safe place until you can occupy your home, consider asking somebody if you can temporarily stay with them. (If you do stay with friends or family, consider talking to your insurance about reimbursing them for putting you up.)
  1. Disaster Relief Programs. If you need the help, consider contacting your local disaster relief program, such as the Red Cross or the Salvation Army. They might be able to provide necessities like food, shelter, and other resources.
  1. Your Physician. Particularly if you evacuated without essential medications or devices, call your physician as soon as possible to review your options. Medications left in the home should not be consumed because they will likely have been contaminated by smoke and gasses.
  1. Call any lending institutions you deal with (such as your mortgage, credit cards, utilities, etc.) as soon as possible. While you might not have to make any payments in the immediate future, most companies will work with you during moments of crisis. It’s possible they will reduce or defer payments.

Re-entering Your Home

After the fire’s been extinguished, you’ll probably want to run in and check on your belongings. Before you do, there are a few warnings:

  • Do not re-enter your home until the fire department has given you an explicit OK. Structural damage and reigniting flames are highly probable immediately after a house fire, so do not enter without that permission.
  • Do not consume anything that has been near flames, smoke, soot, or the water used to put the fire out. Even if food or water has been sealed in a jar or bottle, most consumables will be spoiled or contaminated due to extended exposure to heat or toxic fumes. This includes food in the refrigerator and freezer, which do not have airtight seals.
  • Do not turn on any utilities if you’ve been instructed not to do so. Your local fire department will have advised you whether or not it is safe to use your utilities. If you’ve been told they are unsafe, do not turn them back on.

Once you do re-enter and assess your damage, follow any instructions your insurance representative gave you. If your chosen disaster restoration company is there, they will likely be able to assist you in that process.

Restoring Your Home and Belongings

Depending on the size of the damage, you might feel that your home will never be the same again. But by working with your insurance and a disaster restoration team, your home and your belongings can be restored to their pre-disaster state.

Here are some things you can expect a quality disaster restoration company to do to restore your home after a house fire:

  1. Assess your home for damage. To make sure the team can perform the appropriate services to make your home as good as new, your house will be given a comprehensive assessment. This information will be especially useful to your insurance representative.
  1. Store your belongings. Instead of worrying about where you should store your non-vital belongings until your home is restored, some restoration companies will pack and store your items until you are equipped to take them back.
  2. Board up all holes. The fire likely caused window, wall, and roof damage, which leaves your house exposed. A good restoration team will board up affected areas to prevent any further damage.
  1. Remove and dry water damage. If your home is wet from the firefighters’ efforts, this will be addressed immediately. A drying process will remove visible and hidden moisture to ensure you don’t get mold growth or additional structural damage.
  1. Remove soot and smoke from surfaces. Your disaster restoration company will use an array of tools to remove the fire’s residue from your walls, floors, ceilings, and any other affected surface.
  1. Clean and sanitize your home and belongings. You don’t want to return to your home just to be reminded of what happened. A good company will thoroughly clean, disinfect, and deodorize your structures and belongings to get them back to their pre-fire condition. In addition, they will use equipment to eliminate any lingering odors. Depending on the company, they may be able to restore and preserve damaged photos, documents, and other sensitive belongings.
  1. Restore your home. After everything else is complete, the team will make any necessary cosmetic or structural repairs. In the end, it should be “Like it never even happened.”

Returning Home

Finally, after working diligently with your insurance and your local disaster restoration company, your home and belongings will be back in pristine condition. Make sure you continue to work with both parties to complete any necessary paperwork and payments, if applicable. Once you move and settle back into your home, you can resume your life as normal.

4 Facts About Fire Damage In Valdese And Beyond

11/21/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 4 Facts About Fire Damage In Valdese And Beyond It is no exaggeration to say that fire damage is a risk for every homeowner.

4 Facts About Fire Damage

It is no exaggeration to say that fire damage is a risk for every homeowner. It is also understandable that people, in general, do not like to talk about house fires. After all, a blaze in the home and the risk of injury or even loss of life is frightening. However, at SERVPRO we believe that talking about fire and understanding more about it is useful because the more you know, the more you can plan to prevent a blaze starting, and determine what to do in the event of a fire in your Valdese home.

The National Fire Protection Association is a rich source of facts and guidance about home fire damage, electrical risks and related hazards in Valdese and beyond. The NFPA is a trade association which publishes standards and guidelines for use by local governments in the hope of preventing fires and educating the public about them. Here are 4 facts about home fires courtesy of the NFPA.

1. An average of seven people dies in home fires in the US every day, which is a very sobering thought. It is clear that home fire safety is of paramount importance across the country.

2. Three out of five home fire deaths (for the years 2010 – 2014) occurred in homes without working smoke alarms. SERVPRO recommends installing at least one fire alarm on every floor of your home and carrying out regular tests to be sure the units are operational.

3. Cooking equipment is the leading cause of injuries after a home blaze. The kitchen is a risky area when it comes to home fires, and it is a good idea to be vigilant at all times when cooking. It is especially important to you keep an eye on cooking pans at all times.

4. The second most frequent cause of home fire injuries is heating equipment, and the most common cause of heating equipment blazes is a failure to clean things properly. The leading cleaning problem when it comes to home heating is creosote build up in chimneys which is why you should inspect and clean your stove and chimney each year.

It is not always possible to prevent a fire but being vigilant and taking sensible precautions does help. In the event of a home blaze, SERVPRO is on hand to help with cleanup and deodorization afterward to restore your home “Like it never even happened.”

For help with fire cleanup in Hildebran, Rutherford College, Valdese, Glen Alpine and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Burke County at (828) 874-0966 today.

Click here for more about the city of Valdese, North Carolina.

Remediating Fire Damage to Drexel Homes

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Remediating Fire Damage to Drexel Homes SERVPRO protects your home from further damage from weather, trespassing and animals by boarding up doors and windows.

The Five Categories of Fire Damage Restoration

Like anywhere else, each Drexel house fire is different. That means the clean-up has to be individually tailored. To determine if the damage is minor, medium, or major; we examine how fast the fire burned, what it consumed, and the amount of oxygen available as well as other factors.

After determining the types of fire damage in a Drexel home, we pull cleaning and restoration methods from five primary categories. SERVPRO then develops a restoration plan, so each method has the time, equipment, and personnel needed to complete work promptly that returns a clean, safe home to the owners.

Mitigation – This category is our first action after an inspection. Our efforts here are to prevent secondary damage from weather, trespassing, and animal intrusion. Restoration team members board up doors and windows as well as points where the fire may have burned through the roof or a wall.

Contents Cleaning – If possible, we try to clean personal property at home. If our technicians are unable to secure the home or if there is significant structural damage, then we take it to our facility to clean and place in storage until it is safe. We keep an extensive inventory of cleaning agents on hand to ensure we can restore as much of the contents of the home as possible.

Structural Cleaning – This is where we deal with damage on the walls, ceilings, and floors. If the fire burned for an extended period, then the smoke likely penetrated the walls and got into the framing, support beams, and the ductwork. We remove the residue left behind to prevent physical damage and to remove odor-causing particles. For crawlspaces we cannot fit into, we use a chemical fog machine and an anti-microbial cleaner to destroy residues.

Specialty Restoration – This is technically contents cleaning, but covers items which need special services and SERVPRO typically sends to a sub-contractor. Personal property in this category includes artwork, electronics, dry-clean-only clothing, and furniture that requires refinishing after we complete residue removal.

Reconstruction – When there is major damage to wall framing, columns, and other support beams, our response team installs jacks, and other temporary supports to prevent further degrading of the structure. As a licensed contractor in North Carolina, we can do everything from replacing a door frame to placing a new roof on the home.

Remediating the damage and restoring your home after fire damage is not a short process. The goal should always be returning to a safe, clean home instead of getting back inside one that is still a potential threat. SERVPRO of Burke County is ready to help our neighbors do just that. Call our office today at (828) 874-0966 for more information.

Click here for more information about Drexel, North Carolina.

The Impact of Fire Damage on Hildebran Properties and How We Can Control It

9/24/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage The Impact of Fire Damage on Hildebran Properties and How We Can Control It Our technicians understand that fire damage is comprised of the fire burned items, lingering smoke, and water that was used to put out the fire.

Get a Quick Handle on BOTH Fire Damage and Smoke Odors with SERVPRO

Residents of Hildebran should not underestimate the effects of a fire. A house fire can lead to significant property damage and a series of problems that may negatively impact your quality of life. To add insult to the injury, many people do not realize the full extent of fire damage or how a fire damage restoration company can come in handy.
For many years, SERVPRO has dedicated itself to protecting people from the consequences of fire damage in Hildebran. Thanks to our restoration services, we have managed to help numerous homeowners return their property to preloss conditions after a fire disaster, "Like it never even happened." Our team consists of highly trained technicians who are up to par with IICRC guidelines. Within a short time, we can respond to your emergency and immediately commence the cleanup process.
The first stage of a fire is called "ignition" and is usually characterized by a very small flame. It begins when oxygen, heat, and a fuel source combine, resulting in a chemical reaction that produces fire. Recognizing a fire in this stage can go a long way towards suppressing it or escaping the looming disaster. Otherwise; the fire can metamorphose into the growth stage, where it can burn nearby items and potentially bring the structure to its knees.
Fire damage does not just decimate your property. It can also leave bad odors and stains on various surfaces in the house. The smoke produced during the fire can travel across the structure and sully your items, leaving soot, dirt, and dust behind. This smoke residue can be extensive, sometimes spreading to adjacent rooms close-by.
For these reasons, SERVPRO can clean up and sanitize your home to reverse the fire damage. Our goal is to make your belongings usable again while preventing health issues that may have come with the fire disaster. Most importantly, our efforts can help eliminate bad odors that can linger for a long time.
The restoration process involves using several different cleaning equipment and industrial tools. Our technicians can even provide carpet cleaning services designed to remove small traces of soot, smoke, and other particles stuck in-between the carpet fibers. Vacuums cannot reach these residues easily.
When a fire crisis hits, you can count on SERVPRO of Burke County to control the fire damage. As a locally owned and operated business, we are part of your community too and understand your situation. For any assistance, call us today at (828) 874-0966.

For more information about the City of Hildebran, North Carolina visit:

Fire Damage To Your Morganton Property

5/18/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage To Your Morganton Property Cleaning and restoring a property after a fire is more cost-efficient than replacement.

Fire Damage

Cleaning and restoring a property after a fire is more cost-efficient than replacement. Many fire insurance providers prefer to pay for the restoration of furniture and insist on both an inspection and making an attempt to clean before writing off entire living or dining room sets.

Restoring the effects of fire damage to your Morganton home is an option to consider when possible. To ensure that it is done correctly, without further harm, requires a professional. SERVPRO has decades of experience throughout North Carolina when it comes to successfully cleaning and returning your home and its contents back to its original state. To accomplish this, we have developed six cleaning methods based on the property and type of damage.

Dry Cleaning
We use this method to remove light-to-medium, non-greasy soils or to pre-clean excess residues before starting wet cleaning. Most of this is done with dusting cloths or feather dusters to remove dry, surface particles. For heavier soils or light debris, our technicians may use vacuums or dry sponges.

Wet Cleaning
We use this method to remove moderate-to-heavy smoke and soot residues effectively. Technicians typically saturate the items with water during the process. For heavier residues, we mix the water with a cleaning agent to ensure a successful finish.

Spray And Wipe
This is a wet method that applies water and a cleaning agent with a spray bottle instead of saturating the item. We prefer this method on items where there is a risk of the color running if it is soaked. A spray bottle also gives our technicians more control over the amount of water and cleaning used.

Foam Cleaning
This method uses a specially designed, pump-up spray bottle to apply foam rather than water and cleaning agents. It is particularly useful to clean upholstery fabric that might shrink under too much water or other liquid. For small areas, technicians also use an upholstery brush to agitate a shampoo solution, generate the foam, and then apply it by hand.

Abrasive Cleaning
The idea with this method is to use a thicker cleaning agent that contains abrasive ingredients to scrub rough surfaces such as rock and some types of marble, often with a brush, steel wool or abrasive scrubbing pads.

Immersion Cleaning
This last method uses saturation to soak an item with heavy residues completely. Immersion is very useful for a structural property like Venetian blinds. For other articles, we also use high-frequency sound waves for ultrasonic cleaning. The sound waves force millions of bubbles through the item and the immersion tank to agitate and scrub very solid residues. It is an excellent technique for items that have been left to absorb residues for days or even weeks.

Restoring your home and property is not a quick or simple process. However, SERVPRO of Burke County is here to walk you through every method and process. Call us today at (828) 874-0966.

For further information about Morganton, click here

Fire Damage Restoration in Bridgewater

4/4/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Restoration in Bridgewater SERVPRO Cleans and Restores Fire & Smoke Damage in Bridgewater

SERVPRO Offers Various Solutions to Smoke & Fire Damaging Events

Fire can cause serious damage to your property. There are, however, other damages which can seriously affect your home as well. Smoke odor invades personal belongings and building materials of all kinds. Soot damages walls which haven’t been burned by the flames. Experience a fire can be devastating, but SERVPRO understands that your cherished memories and possessions are at stake. We are fire cleanup and restoration experts, and we specialize in smoke and soot damage as well.
If your Bridgewater home is damaged by fire, it is critical to contact professionals who specialize in fire and smoke restoration process as quickly as possible to prevent any additional damage. Your local SERVPRO franchise is available anytime you need to minimize fire and smoke damage to your home.
Our restoration process is thorough, and we get to your home and help you in a short time after you contact us. We do a quick assessment of damages, pretesting and estimates. If needed, our technicians do emergency board-up, and structural stabilization, plus our methods are environmentally friendly when it comes to cleaning soot and other residues from fire damage. We also remove smoke odors, sanitize the area and do air purification to make your home safe and healthy again.
We carefully remove and secure any damaged household goods, personal possessions and other contents for restoration and cleaning. Industrial grade water extractors are used, as well as air movers, dehumidifiers, and other equipment to efficiently remove water that was left behind from firefighting efforts. Affected areas are reconstructed, and antimicrobials and disinfectants are used to prevent mildew and mold from growing.
SERVPRO gets your property back to normal quickly. Our specialized training, equipment, and cleaning methods, combined with our experience, results in faster cleanup and less smoke damage restoration costs. We use specialized cleaning methods and equipment to save your personal possessions, and many times we can restore your home’s contents to their former condition. "Like it never even happened."  We also help you with the process of insurance claims to make it as painless as possible for you.
If your home has experienced fire and smoke damage, call SERVPRO of Burke County right away to have our experts help you – just dial (828) 874-0966.

Wildfires Blazing Around Drexel

11/23/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Wildfires Blazing Around Drexel Safety First with a Wildfire in Drexel

SERVPRO Restores Damages Caused by Wildfires

Right now, Burke County is dealing with the effects of a number of wildfires. Although the Chestnut Knob seems to be sending only smoke in our direction, smaller fires are still burning homes and businesses. The Economy Inn on Bethel Road just off Interstate 40 burned to the ground on Tuesday.

Fire Damage to Drexel's homes and businesses isn't just a worry right now, it's a fact and a fear we are all living with. If you are dealing with it now, or are waiting for the all clear from firefighters to see what you have to deal with tomorrow, SERVPRO is here to help. As a locally owned franchise, the fire, smoke and soot coming from the Pisgah National Forest affects us just like it does you.
First thing first. If you haven't done so yet, do not test or in any way, turn on your HVAC system. Many people look around at the damage to their building and think 'Maybe I can clear the air at least'. This is the worst possible action you can take before you call us.

If you've been fortunate and there is only smoke and soot damage, activating the HVAC will spread it through the entire structure. This increases the time and cost of restoration and repair. What our technicians need to do is flip the breaker switch to block power and then cover the registers to avoid any accidental spread of the contamination. When it's time to clear the air, we have commercial exhaust fans that will do the job much more efficiently.
If you call us before you've been cleared to return to your home or business, our inspectors will accompany you on the initial walk-through. We can help you develop a plan to restore your structure and get you back inside as quickly as possible.

Our restoration teams know the latest procedures to clean carpets, walls, furniture and other surfaces from smoke and soot. They are experts in cleaning and removing that lingering odor of smoke which can spoil so many homes for families. We provide them the most up-to-date equipment to do the job and maintain an extensive inventory of cleaning products and solutions to remove every trace of contamination from carpets to marble countertops.

All of us here at SERPRVO of Burke County share the community's concern with these local wildfires. It really is a personal concern to help our neighbors return to their normal life. If you have suffered fire damage and just don't know where to even start, call us today at (828) 874-0966.

What Type of Restoration Services Can Be Used to Tackle Fire Damage in Icard?

10/20/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What Type of Restoration Services Can Be Used to Tackle Fire Damage in Icard? Warning Decives Like Smoke Detectors Preserve Life and Property in Icard

SERVPRO Provides Fire Damage Restoration for Homes and Businesses in Icard

If your home has recently been affected by fire damage, it is very important that you respond quickly. If the damage is extensive, it may feel like nothing much can be done, but the truth is that repairs can be made in even the most pressing of cases.

The type of damage will, of course, determine how much of the home can be salvaged, but SERVPRO strongly recommends a full inspection before jumping to any conclusions. Our team regularly carries out highly sophisticated restoration processes, as a way to tackle fire damage in Icard, and we can help you too. This guide to some of the main techniques that we use to eradicate soot and smoke damage will tell you what to expect.

Fire Mitigation
Often, the first step is mitigation. In cases of very mild fire damage, this may not be necessary. If a significant portion of the property is degraded, however, we may decide to board up windows and shut off the water supply to protect it from external elements. This is vital if, for example, your roof has been damaged and the weather factors into secondary damage.

Structural Cleaning
The most complicated part of fire damage restoration is removing soot and smoke residues. They cling to walls and ceilings and leave a blackened trail, with an extremely unpleasant odor. The can also cause health effects. The SERVPRO technicians may advise you to stay away from the property until its structural components have been wet cleaned. The smoke residue could be harmful to inhale, so it is imperative that you are not exposed. The technicians may also clean out the HVAC ducts.

Cleaning of Furnishings and Possessions
In all but the mildest cases of fire damage, there is a good chance that some belongings will be lost. We will do everything in our power to avoid this, but severely burnt furniture and other items may be removed and destroyed. Some objects could be taken away from the site and sent for specialist cleaning at our facility. We will inform you of this, and nothing will be removed without your consent.

Speciality Restoration
There are all kinds of domestic and personal items that respond well to specialist cleaning methods. A good example of this is electronics. They can’t be wet cleaned, but we can send them to an expert who will use state of the art techniques to bring them back to life. Paper documents are another example; if records and files are only smoke damaged, rather than burned, it may be possible to restore them.

At SERVPRO of Burke Country, we always put our customers first. We are a locally based company so that we can respond to emergency calls quickly. And, we’re always on hand to offer realistic, helpful advice. Call us 24/7 at (828) 847-0966 for fast, effective fire damage repairs.

Bridgewater Fire Damage--Don't Go It Along

4/7/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Bridgewater Fire Damage--Don't Go It Along A Smoke Detector Warning of a Fire in a Bridgewater Home Can Preserve Lives

Trust SERVPRO to Restore Your Fire and Smoke Damaged Property in Bridgewater.

Bridgewater Fire Damage incidents are one thing that you should not ignore. Fire damage and smoke damage can affect the home long after the fire is out. One thing that people experienced in these matters know is that fire and smoke damage is particularly challenging. Fortunately, there are references that you can use to learn about fire and smoke damage and what it demands to get rid of the damage. It can prove to be helpful with the clean up process. There are especially important things to know about fire and smoke damage.
One thing to understand about smoke and fire damage is that it can happen quickly. It is important that these issues are taken care of in a quick manner so that you can avoid having to deal with a ton of money when it comes to replacing, rather than restoring fire-damaged building materials and personal possessions. As a matter of fact, appliances and other items in the house show signs of smoke damage within hours. The closer the items are to the fire, the more likely it becomes discolored. Items that are located near the fire show damages in just minutes. Soot and smoke damage can manifest in many different ways, some more apparent than others. It takes skilled professionals and special equipment to take care of all of the smoke damages that are in the home. Therefore, it is not recommended for you to attempt to restore your Bridgewater smoke and fire damaged home. Rely on the professionals.
There are several professionally competent companies in your area that can provide you with the work needed to gain satisfactory results. One Bridgewater Fire Damage company that is highly trained is SERVPRO of Burke County. They are experienced, boasting of having many skilled, and knowledgeable technicians. In-house, corporate, and e-training keep them on the cutting edge of producing superior detail oriented results. IICRC guidelines are adhered to for consistent results.They restore homes and bring them back to their earlier state. They even visit their customers as the job is completed for a walk through inspection to guarantee 100% satisfaction for the client. For 24/7 service in Auburn, Hildebran, and Morganton, call (828) 874-0966.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire: Understanding Smoke Damage in Morganton Homes

11/19/2015 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire: Understanding Smoke Damage in Morganton Homes It only takes minutes for thick black smoke to fill a house or for it to be engulfed in flames.

Understanding Morganton Residential Fire and Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage 101

Although there are many realities that homeowners have to deal with following a fire, smoke damage can be a uniquely difficult issue to grapple with. However, learning more about smoke damage and how to eliminate it from your residential property can help expedite the cleanup process and restoration of your home. Learn more about smoke and fire damage in Morganton and how to handle it by reviewing the short outline found below:

 Smoke Damage: Some Important Facts

 One of the most important things to remember about smoke damage is that it can transpire very rapidly. Moreover, failing to address and remove Morganton fire and smoke damage quickly can result in you spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars in remediation fees. Within just a few hours, finished appliances and fiberglass will start showing signs of smoke damage. Additionally, the items located near the fire will start discoloring in a matter of minutes. This is especially the case for plastics. In a matter of days, your carpet, clothes, upholstery, and walls will show signs of permanent discoloration. Your glass can be subject to permanent etching, and your metals will start to tarnish and corrode. The ash of the fire will cause even more destruction as long as it remains on the surfaces of your materials.

 Invisible Damages

 Although much of the damage done by smoke is visible, some of it is invisible. In fact, when smoke rises, it can migrate through A/C systems, plumbing systems, and tiny holes in your walls. In many cases, the smoke can start to invade regions of the property that were not affected by the Morganton fire. This is why the whole Morganton property must be carefully analyzed for evidence of smoke damage.

 Why You Should Avoid DIY Projects

 Although many homeowners are inclined to complete the smoke damage cleanup process on their own, you should never seek this course of action. Doing so is dangerous for many reasons, including the fact that most residential property owners are not able to detect invisible damage. When this fire damage goes unaddressed, it can cause health issues and adversely impact the structure of your home. For this reason and more, be sure that you leave the remediation work in the hands of the professionals.

 When your home is subjected to a fire in Morganton, attaining effective services for smoke damage is important. To ensure that the remediation work is completed quickly and correctly, be sure to call the professionals of SERVPRO. We possess the materials, skills, and advanced knowledge necessary to expedite each component of the smoke damage restoration process.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Burke County is strategically located to respond quickly to your flood and water emergency event. Call us today! (828) 874-0966

Valdese Smoke Damage 101

11/3/2015 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Valdese Smoke Damage 101 Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions.

Smoke Damage 101 in Valdese

When residential property owners find themselves facing a fire, there are numerous factors that they will have to deal with to restore their home. One of those factors is Valdese smoke damage. Unfortunately, many property owners lack basic knowledge about smoke damage and are not sure how to have it effectively removed from their residential space. To attain the knowledge necessary to deal effectively with Valdese smoke damage, review this short outline:

Types Of Smoke Residue
Several types of Valdese smoke remnants can impact your property. Some of them include:

Dry Smoke Residue
Dry Valdese smoke residue is a form of residue that transpires during a fire that burns quickly at a high temperature. Dry smoke residue does not smear and has a dry, powdery consistency.

Wet Smoke Residue
Wet smoke residue is a form of remnants that results from a smoldering fire containing low levels of heat. This type of residue has a strong, smoky odor and is also sticky. During the cleaning process, wet smoke residue is capable of smearing. This makes the cleanup process more complex and challenging.

Protein Residue
Protein residue is a nearly invisible form of smoke residue. It is capable of discoloring varnishes, paints, and other types of finishes. Although this form of smoke residue is hard to detect with the eye, it emits a very strong odor.

Restoration Methods
There are three parts to the restoration process once your property is subjected to a fire. They include:

Cleaning is the fastest and most cost-efficient component of the restoration process. During this stage, remediation specialists will use sophisticated equipment and methodologies to remove soot. They will also utilize content restoration methods to preserve salvageable items that were damaged by the fire.

Resurfacing is a restoration process that involves things such as re-carpeting, re-upholstering, and painting property that has been adversely impacted by fire damage. Resurfacing is a useful method for properties that were not severely damaged by smoke or fire.

The third part of the restoration process is replacement. This process is necessary when your materials and possessions were damaged beyond physical repair. Because replacement typically entails high costs, it is typically the last choice.

Call SERVPRO For Effective Restoration Services
If you find that your property has been impacted by a fire, it's important to attain high-quality smoke damage services. The SERVPRO of Burke County professionals have more than 50 years of experience in this dynamic field, and our IICRC-certified technicians work with skill and speed to expedite each aspect of the process. We're ready to help you today, so call us right now at (828) 874-0966.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Burke County is strategically located to respond quickly to your fire emergency event. When smoke damage occurs in Morganton, Hildebran or Connelly Springs we have the resources and personnel to help. Call us today! (828) 874-0966