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Stormy Weather can Pose Flood Damage Mishaps for Drexel Homeowners

9/15/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Stormy Weather can Pose Flood Damage Mishaps for Drexel Homeowners SERVPRO can make your flood damage "Like it never even happened."

Flood Damage Is A Major Threat To Your Drexel Home

Changes in the seasons can bring about violent storms that pour increased amounts of rain onto homes in the Drexel area. Small and localized flooded areas often develop because of these more substantial downpours. Leaving windows open to catch the last few days of summer weather can also permit copious amounts of rainwater to splash through screens, drenching floors, wall section below the windows, and nearby furniture.

Drexel residents with storm-related flood damage can rely on SERVPRO to resolve the problem before it can spread. Waiting to deal with flooding almost never happens, but cleaning up with only a mop and bucket rarely suffices in preventing future damages. Water seeps into the smallest cracks so easily, but extraction methods need to sufficiently remove all traces of water, not only the visible portions.

Water that came in through a window rarely poses the same microbial risks that water seeping up your steps and across your home's threshold bring, and SERVPRO's experts can handle both professionally and swiftly. Our extensive and continued training includes many IICRC certificates, including Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT) and Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT). Mitigating the damage caused by flooding and other water-related events is one of the things we do best at SERVPRO.

A home that looks great and is safe at both the structural and microscopic levels can still contain a musty odor after the completion of flood damage restoration work. To ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers, our Odor Control Technician (OCT) works with property owners. It is imperative to us, individually and as a company, that each of our customers is satisfied with our work.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Contact SERVPRO of Burke County at (828) 874-0966 for all of your storm damage remediation needs. Your home deserves restoration that protects and preserves, and you and your family deserve the place you call home to look, feel, and smell like home once again.

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Contact a Professional to Provide Water Removal Services After a Storm in Hildebran

8/14/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Contact a Professional to Provide Water Removal Services After a Storm in Hildebran A storm can cause damage to your roof, allowing unwanted water into your home.

SERVPRO can properly remove water in your home after a storm

Storms can take their toll on your home. Some only damage the exterior, while others make their way inside. If severe enough, a storm can create significant problems that affect the structural integrity of your home.

When facing storm damage that requires water removal in your Hildebran area home, you want access to someone that can make repairs quickly, effectively saving the rest of your home from exposure. The company you use should have access to all of the equipment, resources, and training to complete the job right the first time, avoiding secondary damages that develop over time.

Without the proper equipment, a restoration company can only guess about the level of saturation in your home. It takes moisture detectors, hygrometers, dehumidifiers, air movers, and water extractors of all shapes and sizes to get the job done right. SERVPRO has access to these tools and more, making us a valuable resource during emergency situations. 

With IICRC certified technicians and years of experience in the restoration industry, SERVPRO ensures that you receive the help you deserve. A storm can tear off portions of your roof, causing water to enter your attic, walls, ceiling, and more. Mold can develop over time, along with rot and corrosion. The technicians working on your home need to understand and recognize hidden problems while making the right choices to correct each problem individually.

Windows and doorways are often damaged as well. You need someone to go through everything, with the ability to correct issues they find. SERVPRO has restoration technicians, as well as personnel well versed in repairing everything in your home. We make every effort to restore items, contents, and personal belongings, but also have the skills necessary to repair or replace damages found as well.

With our 24-hour emergency service and fully qualified personnel, you can rest easy knowing that a professional is on the job. We can do everything necessary to return your home to a quality condition that your family can enjoy for years to come.

SERVPRO of Burke County stands ready to provide you with dedicated teams that care about you and your home, call today. (828) 874-0966

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Connelly Springs Mold Damage Can Be Insidious

8/1/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Connelly Springs Mold Damage Can Be Insidious Mold without Remediation in a Connelly Springs Home Can Cause a Lot of Damage

SERVPRO Detects and Remediates Secret Mold Patches in Your Connelly Springs Home

Mold growth is the slowest moving disaster to affect a home. It is also the only one that can go unnoticed for weeks and months. Despite that, active mold spores cause millions of dollars in cleaning and replacement costs each year.

Since mold expands slowly, some homeowners think they can stop it with bleach and paint over visible signs. The truth is that bleach does not usually kill mold; it may force it back into an inert state for a time, but the potential threat is still there. If you want to stop mold damage and keep it from returning to your Connelly Springs home, you need to call SERVPRO today.

To get rid of it, first, we determine exactly where it is and how much is there. While it is possible to ‘follow your nose’ and trace that musty odor which comes with most mold, the most efficient method we have is to use air content monitors to check the percentage of particles and follow the highest readings. Moisture sensors and infrared cameras aid in detecting damp areas that offer the fungi the water they need to grow.

To halt mold growth, we eliminate the source of moisture; this means removing standing water like puddles and closing off continuous drips from leaky pipes. Once eliminated, active spores contract and return to a dormant state. No further growth means no further damage.

Now, we begin to remove existing mold. If the spores have had time to grow into building material such as sheetrock, causing deep hyphae (root-like) penetrations, we remove the entire, affected panel. It is much more cost-efficient to remove and replace, rather than attempt to restore. While this material makes for great interior walls, it quickly crumbles at efforts to trim it down since the cardboard backing has been consumed. If it gets wet, sheetrock almost breaks apart at the first touch.

Personal property (clothing and furniture for example) is easier and cheaper to clean. Mold spores tend to settle out of the air on these items rather than grow across or into them. Technicians wipe down furniture using dry cloths and brushes but also use an antimicrobial cleaner if needed. If the surfaces are rough (i.e. marble countertops), we use powered brushes and agitators to remove any spores before cleaning.

For clothing, curtains, and other fabrics, we maintain large, commercial washing machines at our facility. We use detergents designed to remove mold and other contaminants without damaging the material. If a material is dry clean only, we send these items to an outside facility for cleaning.

At SERVPRO of Burke County, we understand that any disruption to your life is unacceptable. Every action we take is designed to return your home to its original state as quickly as possible, "Like it never even happened." If you see or suspect, a mold problem in your home, call us today at (828) 874-0966.

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Finding the Cause of Roof Leaks in Your Valdese Home

7/18/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Finding the Cause of Roof Leaks in Your Valdese Home Clogged Gutters Can Cause Roof Leak and Attic Leaks in Your Valdese Home. Better Call SERVPRO

Ceiling Leaks Can Indicate Many Water Damaging Issues

Roof leaks are not always easy to diagnose. It may not even be your roof that is leaking at all. When you have a stain on your ceiling, it is a common misconception that the leak started right above that area. Water travels, so when there is a leak in your home, it could be traveling downward from another part of your home, dripping onto the ceiling and making you believe that is the location of the leak.
You need an experienced water damage remediation company, such as SERVPRO, to help you determine where the leak and water damage is coming from. There are some other things to think about as well, as water on the ceiling of your Valdese home can be the cause of a variety of things. SERVPRO has the tools and knowledge to find the real cause of the leaking.
Leaking or Dripping Pipes
Plumbing can be found in your attic and can be either leaking or accumulating condensation which causes water to drip. It is a common occurrence and leads to a roof issue that is missed interpreted. SERVPRO can spot this problem during an initial inspection.
If your home is not insulated or vented properly or has a whole-house humidifier which is set too high, condensation can build up, causing moisture in your house, especially the attic. These humidifiers should not be put over thirty percent per the manufacturer guidelines to avoid this issue.
Moisture in a crawl space can be a factor as well. It is invisible and rises eventually through your home, stopping at the roof deck and causing condensation. Our technicians can help get rid of this moisture with the use of our industrial pumps and dehumidifiers.
Clogged Downspouts and Gutters
When your gutters get clogged, the water has nowhere to go but in your home. Gutters must be maintained properly, so water does not back up with any debris. Gutter guards can help prevent the buildup of debris in the gutters, or you can just keep them cleaned out properly. Checking them every few months is a good idea.
SERVPRO of Burke County is here to help you whenever you need, no matter the time of day. Give us a call at (828) 874-0966 if you see the dreaded ceiling spots so we can find the problem and fix it for you.

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Chemical Runoff Needs Professional Cleanup in Morganton

7/1/2017 (Permalink)

Biohazard Chemical Runoff Needs Professional Cleanup in Morganton Biohazardous Waster Cleanup Specialist in Morganton? SERVPRO, Of Course!

Trust SERVPRO to Remedy and Remove Biohazards from Your Property

Products unapproved for use in homes today lurk in the basements, garages, and utility closets of older homes. When chemicals start leaking from containers cleanup by the homeowner can be dangerous. Your local SERVPRO has technicians trained in the proper disposal of items containing banned substances or chemicals needing protective protocols to handle.

You never thought to face biohazard cleanup in your dream home in Morganton. For more than a century previous owners of your dwelling in a historic district of the city stored old paint, varnishes, pest control solutions, fertilizers, and other chemical interventions in a closet off the cellar. The door is barred, and you rarely consider what is inside until the plumbing running down an inside wall springs a leak. Although your plumber secured the pipe the cans and bags inside are saturated, rusting or ripping open and discharging hazardous waste into your home. You need our assistance, a restoration company with biohazard certified cleanup workers and experience in clearing dangerous substances safely from residences.
The moisture-laden powders, oozing paints (which may contain lead), varnishes, and other items contain a broad range of components now know to pose health hazards if not managed appropriately. Plus the insulation disturbed during the plumbing (the fittings may contain lead) repair may contain asbestos. A SERVPRO work crew sent to abate this complex problem first assesses and plans for all contingencies.
We barricade the areas affected with plastic sheeting and add air scrubbers to improve our ability to contain the airborne particles if deemed necessary by the project manager. Appropriate protective personal equipment clothes or crew during the job. The team bags up containers of suspect substances and insulation for disposal following local regulations off site. Using special cleaning products matched to the residues SERVPRO workers remove spills, also bagged for hazardous disposition.
Our experts evaluate any structural materials soaked with the chemicals. We always stress restoration, but removal and replacement are not unusual in this situation. The crew members also choose advanced sealants to physically inhibit some compromised areas from contaminating the rest of your home after the cleanup.
Do not endanger your family and friends with the remains of hazardous chemicals once stored inside your home. Call (828) 874-0966 to engage the services of a certified biohazard team from SERVPRO of Burke County.

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Receive Flood Damage Assistance For Your Valdese Area Business Today

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Receive Flood Damage Assistance For Your Valdese Area Business Today Whether you face a single room flood or flooding on an entire floor of your building, we can help.

Flood Damage Assistance

People often dismiss flooding as an issue they need to face, simply because when you initially think about flooding, hurricanes, storms, or other such natural disasters come to mind. However, your hotel is just as susceptible to plumbing or maintenance issues that occur far more often and produce the same amount of damages.

As a hotel manager in Valdese, flood damage could never be farther from your mind. We understand that you have normal operations to worry about, guests coming and going, and employees to manage. Something this big getting in the way can throw everything out of balance, leaving you wondering what to do next. However, it is critical for you to understand how to address these problems immediately, without hesitation.

Having a relationship with SERVPRO provides you with access to IICRC certified technicians, industrial-grade equipment, and the resources necessary to tackle any size job. Whether you face a single room flood or flooding on an entire floor of your building, we can help. Our technicians work hard to produce excellent results, often exceeding any expectations you might have, we enjoy putting several years of experience to work for you.

SERVPRO’s expertly trained technicians are available 24/7, giving you the assistance you need as soon as you need it, ensuring that you have the time to avoid secondary damages that develop over time. Just remember to make the call to our office at the first signs of trouble, the overall results you receive get worse over time, making time a major factor in your restoration.

Never let your in-house maintenance attempt to perform these repairs themselves. Without the right equipment and experience, they can miss things that a more experienced eye can catch, leading to additional damages that you might have otherwise avoided. In most cases, SERVPRO can help keep operations running smoothly throughout the entire restoration process.

Contact SERVPRO of Burke County to receive the help you deserve; we can handle any flood damage incident that occurs on your property and provides you with any additional services necessary to return your hotel to a quality pre-damage condition for you and your guests to enjoy (828) 874-0966.

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Water Removal Services Available In The Valdese Area

6/5/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Removal Services Available In The Valdese Area It takes professional water removal services to eliminate moisture from plumbing leaks or flooding issues plaguing your area.

Water Removal Services

Having water invade your home, cause damage, and linger without receding is common. It takes professional water removal services to eliminate moisture from plumbing leaks or flooding issues plaguing your area. Never hesitate to ask for help.

Get water issues under control in your Valdese home, use water removal services available from a local company that has your homes safe recovery in mind. We can help remove standing water, prevent secondary damages from forming, and help you prevent future incidents from occurring. Giving SERVPRO the opportunity to respond to your emergency situation gives you access to a variety of services, advanced water extraction equipment, and expertly trained technicians who understand how devastating this type of event can be. If you attempt to eliminate the problem yourself, without the proper training, you could end up causing more damage than you might think.

With several years experience performing water removal services for thousands of customers just like you, SERVPRO technicians respond quickly, performing services in a manner that reflects the urgency of your situation. Time is essential in dealing with water-related issues, making every second important in recovering valued items, furniture, or protecting the very structural integrity of your home. Take advantage of what SERVPRO has to offer including quality water extraction, the use of moisture detectors, dehumidifiers, hygrometers and more. We can locate every hidden pocket of water on your property and dry each item affected by the event. Often producing quality results that you never expected to achieve.

We can help you prepare your property for these types of events in the future, installing additional drainage, backflow valves, sump pumps, or even improving the grading of your yard and inspecting your roof gutters. Our technicians can perform any functions necessary to get the job done right the first time. You never have to schedule other contractors; we can do it all.

Contact SERVPRO of Burke County for a full-service solution to water issues on your property. We take creating solutions to your problem seriously, performing at a level that often exceeds our customer's expectations. Call our office today (828) 874-0966.

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Fire Damage To Your Morganton Property

5/18/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage To Your Morganton Property Cleaning and restoring a property after a fire is more cost-efficient than replacement.

Fire Damage

Cleaning and restoring a property after a fire is more cost-efficient than replacement. Many fire insurance providers prefer to pay for the restoration of furniture and insist on both an inspection and making an attempt to clean before writing off entire living or dining room sets.

Restoring the effects of fire damage to your Morganton home is an option to consider when possible. To ensure that it is done correctly, without further harm, requires a professional. SERVPRO has decades of experience throughout North Carolina when it comes to successfully cleaning and returning your home and its contents back to its original state. To accomplish this, we have developed six cleaning methods based on the property and type of damage.

Dry Cleaning
We use this method to remove light-to-medium, non-greasy soils or to pre-clean excess residues before starting wet cleaning. Most of this is done with dusting cloths or feather dusters to remove dry, surface particles. For heavier soils or light debris, our technicians may use vacuums or dry sponges.

Wet Cleaning
We use this method to remove moderate-to-heavy smoke and soot residues effectively. Technicians typically saturate the items with water during the process. For heavier residues, we mix the water with a cleaning agent to ensure a successful finish.

Spray And Wipe
This is a wet method that applies water and a cleaning agent with a spray bottle instead of saturating the item. We prefer this method on items where there is a risk of the color running if it is soaked. A spray bottle also gives our technicians more control over the amount of water and cleaning used.

Foam Cleaning
This method uses a specially designed, pump-up spray bottle to apply foam rather than water and cleaning agents. It is particularly useful to clean upholstery fabric that might shrink under too much water or other liquid. For small areas, technicians also use an upholstery brush to agitate a shampoo solution, generate the foam, and then apply it by hand.

Abrasive Cleaning
The idea with this method is to use a thicker cleaning agent that contains abrasive ingredients to scrub rough surfaces such as rock and some types of marble, often with a brush, steel wool or abrasive scrubbing pads.

Immersion Cleaning
This last method uses saturation to soak an item with heavy residues completely. Immersion is very useful for a structural property like Venetian blinds. For other articles, we also use high-frequency sound waves for ultrasonic cleaning. The sound waves force millions of bubbles through the item and the immersion tank to agitate and scrub very solid residues. It is an excellent technique for items that have been left to absorb residues for days or even weeks.

Restoring your home and property is not a quick or simple process. However, SERVPRO of Burke County is here to walk you through every method and process. Call us today at (828) 874-0966.

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The Role Of Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifiers When Repairing Flood Damage In Drexel

5/5/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage The Role Of Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifiers When Repairing Flood Damage In Drexel We provide expert help and assistance with all manner of flood-related repairs.

Repairing Flood Damage

The dehumidifier is one of the key elements for flood damage repair. It is a relatively simple device, but it is very powerful, and it plays a vital role in applied structural drying. It works by drawing excess moisture out of the atmosphere and containing it in a secure receptacle so that it can no longer cause damage to surrounding materials.

There are two main types of dehumidifier, and both are valuable for structural drying. However, they tend to compatible with specific conditions and environment. At SERVPRO, we put lots of effort into constructing suitable dehumidification setups, because consistency is essential for success. The rate of dehumidification must surpass the speed of evaporation.

What Is A Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifier?
Low grain dehumidifiers (or LGRs) accelerate the drying process by adding another stage. Before the humid air gets directed across a cold coil and the water is forced back into liquid form, it is artificially cooled. The advantage of this is that the vapor transitions back into a liquid with a lot less effort and energy because it is already at a low temperature.

The addition of the cooling stage makes LGRs a very efficient choice. Like standard refrigerant machines, they perform at their best in rooms which are between 18 to 32 degrees. However, they can provide a lowermost specific humidity of around thirty-five grains to every pound.

When Are LGRs Most Useful For Drying?
As they are efficient to run and can handle lower humidity levels, SERVPRO recommends LGRs for nearly all flood damage cases. They are especially helpful when it comes to extracting water from porous structural substances. Whether a standard or LGR device gets brought into the affected space, the rate of drying requires careful control.

At the start of the process, the ideal internal temperature is no greater than 30 degrees. When the drying process begins to draw to a close, the technicians incrementally reduce the internal temperature to a minimum of 20 degrees.

SERVPRO of Burke County is a local flood damage restoration service. We provide expert help and assistance with all manner of flood-related repairs. With the support of our structural drying techniques, you can get your home and your life back to normal in no time. Call us 24/7 at (828) 874-0966.

Water Damage In Your Valdese Home?

4/18/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage In Your Valdese Home? Valdese Unwanted Water Damages Carpeting and Homes--Call SERVPRO for Restoration

Rely on the Experts from SERVPRO for Recovery from Water Damage

Many homeowners commonly make the mistake of not seeking professional services until damages get so far out of hand that water begins to burst everywhere, or floods entire sections of their homes. A quality restoration company is not just here to help you recover after an event occurs, they are also here to help you prevent incidents from happening.
If you notice any amount of water damage in your Valdese area home, contact a local restoration company with IICRC certified technicians to perform a full inspection of your property. They can help determine how extensive the damages are and give you advice on how to proceed.  
At SERVPRO, we have experienced situations where tiny leaks remain undetected for weeks, or months, causing severe water damage and extensive mold growth to occur, without the homeowner even knowing it. Small leaks, hidden moisture, roof leaks, broken fixtures or appliances, as well as a variety of plumbing issues add to the situation if not maintained properly.  
Contact a company, like SERVPRO, when these kinds of issues become a problem in your home. We perform a full pre-inspection of your property, locate hidden moisture with infrared moisture detectors and make any repairs necessary to get the source of moisture causing the problem under control. Not to mention we have access to a variety of water extraction equipment and several years of experience dealing with water issues just like yours.
SERVPRO technicians can provide you with grading and drainage services to help prevent flooding during inclement weather, going as far as installing submersible pumps and backflow valves when necessary. We can also check all of the pipes on your property for leaks and make the necessary repairs to prevent issues from forming.
Avoid waiting until an event occurs on your property before contacting a professional restoration company, the more information you provide or, the more of a chance you give us to protect your home properly, the likelier you are to avoid extensive damages.  
Give SERVPRO of Burke County a call today. Any of our staff can provide you with a full description of available services and help you discover which solution would be best to address your unique situation.We are here to help, call anytime. (828) 874-0966