Recent Before & After Photos

Morganton Leak in the Attic Crawl

The water line sprung a leak at a coupling in this Morganton home creating a water damaged ceiling. The sagging material was demolished to reduce the risk of in... READ MORE

Valdese Fitness and Playcenter Water Damage

Commercial grade hardwood flooring as a gaming surface and its supporting substructure require special steps when soaked with water. Bother layers of flooring m... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Morganton Home

Fire damage at this Morganton house started as a grease fire. As the before photo depicts, there was soot and smoke damage throughout the house. The kitchen req... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Morganton

Storm damage to this Morganton home occurred when a window was broken by debris blown by a thunderstorm. An enormous amount of rainwater entered through the bro... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Morganton Home

Mold damage at this Morganton house was the result of a water leak that went untreated. The combination of low light and moisture eventually turned into mold gr... READ MORE

Water Damage – Morganton Office

Water damage at this Morganton realtors office was caused by a leak from the adjoining bathroom. The manager of the property had SERVPRO clean the carpeting, bu... READ MORE

Commercial Carpet Cleaning - Morgantown

Commercial carpet cleaning photos show the areas of carpeting that have been cleaned and the areas that are still soiled. This room is a conference room at a ho... READ MORE

Storm Water Invasion in Hildebran

The high winds and driving rain opened up a gap in the flat roof which invited the rainwater to soak the carpet in this meeting room in Hildebran. Our SERVPRO o... READ MORE

Fire Damage - Morganton

Fire damage at this Morganton, NC home became so hot that it burned clear through the roof. Before any restoration or reconstruction, this project presented a h... READ MORE

Valdese Mold Remediation to a Home

The mold patch had just appeared in the corner of this living room overlooking a panoramic view. The homeowner wisely contacted us, and we sent out an Applied M... READ MORE