Recent Before & After Photos

Residential Fire in Connelly Springs, NC

A grease fire caused smoke and fire damage in the kitchen at a home in Connelly Springs, NC. Multiple belongings were damaged, but we took those off-s... READ MORE

Attic Mold Remediation in Valdese

Water seepage through the roof of a Valdese home often results in a large mold infestation that attacks the wood sheathing and rafters. A three-pronged effort i... READ MORE

A Valdese Motel Sprinkler System and Water Damage

The commercial grade carpet in this hallway of a Valdese motel suffered water and debris damage. The overhead fire suppressant system sprung a leak in the suppl... READ MORE

Valdese Kitchen Flare-Up

Fire damaged this kitchen in a Valdese property caused by a faulty microwave oven. The slightly scooped cabinets can be salvaged with a good cleaning and refini... READ MORE

Storm Water Damages Morgantown Home Hallway

The small amount of rainwater that entered this Morgantown home after a storm soaked the carpeting and padding. It was quickly removed to prevent water from wic... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Morganton House

Mold damage at this Morganton home began with a leaky water line behind the wall that is pictured. You can see in the before photo how bad the mold colony had b... READ MORE

Morganton Leak in the Attic Crawl

The water line sprung a leak at a coupling in this Morganton home creating a water damaged ceiling. The sagging material was demolished to reduce the risk of in... READ MORE

Valdese Fitness and Playcenter Water Damage

Commercial grade hardwood flooring as a gaming surface and its supporting substructure require special steps when soaked with water. Bother layers of flooring m... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Morganton Home

Fire damage at this Morganton house started as a grease fire. As the before photo depicts, there was soot and smoke damage throughout the house. The kitchen req... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Morganton

Storm damage to this Morganton home occurred when a window was broken by debris blown by a thunderstorm. An enormous amount of rainwater entered through the bro... READ MORE